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Amy and the Undead, Or the DKCurse Returns

We have two episodes this week and they're both all about vampires! Yay! BUT... the curse has returned. We brought it upon ourselves.

This week, we talked to Amy McCaw, author of the brand new 90s era vampire book Mina and the Undead. We absolutely loved the book and talking to Amy, but, as you know, the Dawn Kurtagich Curse hit us again. We talked about her and how we love her and how it's because of her and Kat Ellis who we also love that we found Amy's book in the first place, but it conjured up the curse. Normally, we'd have a nice and/or terrible photo taken from our recording chat with the author to share here in the blog post, and our Patreon Bonus! tier members would get to watch the video, but no. The video is gone. Luckily somehow the audio remained, so you still get a fantastic bonus episode full of floor cheese and douchebags, thank goodness. If we had lost the audio, too, I would have cried. That's not all though. After we chatted with Amy and made our bonus episode, we recorded our main episode and whilst doing that... my internet died! Claire and I record locally, so the audio is fine, but the video is terrible. I had to swap to my phone to record for our Bonus! tier members, so they'll get to watch all that mess happen. It's hilarious but also just plain awful. Here are some shots to prove it to you:

Yes, that is Jared Padalecki in the middle. Really, it is.

So anyway, enough about the curse. Let's talk about Mina. What's the book about? It's 1995 and seventeen year old Mina has arrived in New Orleans from the UK to spend the summer with her older sister, Libby. Their relationship is rocky, but they're really the only family they have left. Their dad left when they were young and their mom just abandoned them a year ago. Now they're in New Orleans about to celebrate Fang Fest, a week full of vampire and victim fun. Just as the week is kicking off... people start getting murdered, and to make it worse, the victims have bite marks on their necks. Oh no... are vampires real?! You can read our full summary of Mina and the Undead here, but be sure to read the book and listen to our episodes because, despite the curse, they're great.

You know what else is great? Amy McCaw. Seriously. She's hilarious and loves vampires and the 90s maybe even more than we do. In her bonus episode, we talk a lot about 90s movies and music, including but not limited to my favorite Batman Forever and its accompanying theme song Kiss From a Rose by Seal, sexy hot vampires, playing Would You Rather incorrectly and floor cheese. It's a fantastic episode. We have brought Amy into our family and hope to hear and read so much more from her in the future.

That's all for now. I gotta bounce. TTYL.


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