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Amanda's Decade Has Been Made

That might sound ridiculous as the decade just started, but seriously... I got to talk to one of my heroes in this episode (and this bonus episode, too) and if talking to your hero doesn't make your decade, then you need to sort out your priorities.

Claire and I have moved on to the second book in The Diviners series, Lair of Dreams, by Libba Bray and narrated by January LaVoy. This book is potentially creepier than the first one and that's saying something. Where that one had a hunt for a serial killer, this one had a hunt for a serial killer. Wait. That's the same, but the book is not really the same. Let me try again. This one had a hunt for a murderous ghost who also kills a lot of people. But not while they were still alive. Only one murder happened then. But after the character died... then they started killing a lot of people while they sleep... in their sleep. Does that still count as a serial killer?

Let me check out a definition really quick...

So I don't know how much time passes between these deaths, so maybe we don't technically have a serial killer but whatever. We're searching for a ghost that's killing people in their dreams. And how do we find a nightmarish murdersome ghost? With a dream walker! Or two! Or three!

See what happens in this next installment of the series by reading the book, listening to the audio or listening to our episode. Can the dream walkers and the rest of the Diviners descend into the dreamworld to save the city? Boy, I hope so!

Now, to the bonus episode and my decade being made.

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to interview January LaVoy, the voice behind the series and a ton of other things. If you've ever listened to the audiobook, which you totally should if you haven't, you wouldn't think that this is narrated by just one person. You'd think it was an ensemble cast. Or 30 people stacked up inside a trench coat. BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG. January LaVoy is an amazing talent and a sensational person and she was wonderful enough to let us interview her about recording this series and some of her other books. She is my inspiration behind wanting to become a voice actor, so you know, she's really important to me. My hero if you will. And now you can see why my decade has been made.

Here's a recording picture. January's camera wasn't working, probably because of that curse that's been hanging around me and Claire pretty much since we started recording together, so the image of her here is borrowed from If you think you recognize her, you might, because she's been on TV and in theatre, too. She was on One Life to Live and All My Children and tons of episodes of all the various Law and Orders and also in an episode of NOS4A2. She's pretty amazing.

Okay, I think that's enough for now.


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