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All These Squees

This week on the show, Claire and I talked about All These Bodies by AND WITH Kendare Blake. That's right! There's a bonus this week! The main episode is all about this book that may or may not be about vampires and the bonus episode features our game of Would You Rather and a chat with one of our favorite authors! There is so much squeeing and I'm not at all sorry about it. Some of the squees are for the book, some are for Kendare and some are for the audiobook narrator, Matt Godfrey. We hope to have him on the show someday, too! The audio is FANTASTIC.

I don't know how to express how much I enjoyed this book, other than the fact that I read it multiple times. That's saying something, right? It's so good and the best part is that you actually have no idea what is fact and what is fiction, which is a huge part of the story. it's up to you to decide what happens to the main characters, Michael and Marie, at the end. Does the story have a happy ending? A sad one? A gruesome one?! One filled with vampires?!! You decide!

Fifteen year old Marie Catherine Hale is in prison in Black Deer Falls, Minnesota, and she is the only survivor of The Bloodless Murders. But is she a victim or is she an accomplice? And if so, who is responsible for the murders and where is the murderer now? Marie tells her story to Michael Jensen, the seventeen year old son of the town sheriff, but can Michael really believe her story? It can't possibly be true that the murderer is a vampire... right? Read or listen to the book or check out our summary and listen to our episode, then tell us what you think actually happened.

Here's a recording picture featuring Kendare. We're probably talking about something gross, because we do that a lot when Kendare is around.

Until next time!


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