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In our latest episodes of Fictional Hangover, we talk almost constantly about pee. Two full episodes about pee! The main episode featuring a summary and discussion of Blue Is for Nightmares by Laurie Stolarz with Laurie for our game of Would You Rather PLUS Superfan Constance FOR THE ENTIRE EPISODE! and then a bonus episode where Claire, Constance and I talk to Laurie about pee and weird food and meeting actual witch high priestesses in department stores, plus other stuff, too.

We should have listened to Constance the first time she told us to read this book. It was so much fun and entirely ridiculous which is right up our alley. And having Laurie on as a guest was fantastic, especially since Constance didn't know about it until the day we recorded the main episode. We don't get to surprise people very often, but when we do, like in typical Fictional Hangover fashion, we go way over the top.

So what is this book about? Stacey is having nightmares again. The last time she had nightmares like this, a little girl ended up dead, and now her dreams are about her best friend, Drea. But these aren't normal nightmares. For some reason, the dreams make Stacey wet the bed, which is totally embarrassing when you live in a boarding school where your friends and your crush drop by all the time unannounced. Which is worse? Having nightmares foretelling your best friend's death or peeing your pants in front of all your friends? Stacey gets to live them both! Using the folk magic she learned from her grandma, maybe she'll be able to save her friend, and herself, from the psycho killer she keeps seeing whenever she goes to sleep.

Sounds great, right? It is!

What's even better though is hearing Laurie Stolarz tell the story of how the pee came to be in her story and hearing about how she met high priestess Laurie Cabot in TJ Maxx. You've got to listen to the bonus episode to hear that story. It's SO COOL and CREEPY!

Here's a picture where we're probably talking about pee... if I had to guess.

And here's one from where Laurie told us the coolest story we've heard in awhile.

Seriously, stop what you're doing and go listen to these episodes. They're SO GOOD. And join our Patreon Bonus! tier. Maybe you'll get to join in on a chat with your favorite author someday, too!

Time for a bathroom break!


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