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AHHHHH!!! Adrian finally has his own chapters!

In our most recent episode, Claire and I talk about The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead. AND LIKE I SAID BEFORE, ADRIAN HAS HIS OWN CHAPTERS IN THIS ONE! AAAHHHH!

By this time, you know how we feel about these books. We love them. And now we love them even more because Adrian has his own POV chapters which is delightful. And the audiobooks have a new narrator. Alden Ford. Emily Shaffer still reads Sydney's chapters, but Alden has joined in reading Adrian's and it is such a refreshing change! He's no longer terribly British for one thing and for another, we finally get a look inside his head! Makes you appreciate him even more than you already should.

In this one, in dual perspective, we continue following Sydney on her journey away from the Alchemists and into Witchcraft and a relationship with Adrian and we also see how Adrian is handling this new relationship and how he's struggling with his Spirit use. It's such a good story! Read our summary for more details!

Here's a picture of us enjoying our discussion. We're arguing about sexy tables and rage tables. You have to listen to understand.

Until next time!

Amanda, The Rage Table

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