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actual human + awkwardness = murderbot

In our episode this week, Claire and I talk about All Systems Red, the first book of the Murderbot series, by Martha Wells. We're joined for our game of Would You Rather by someone very special to me, my most favorite librarian, Patty. Here's a picture.

In book one of this series, we meet Murderbot, a security robot, who has turned off its governor module, meaning it can do whatever it wants to do without being controlled by anyone else. What does Murderbot want to do? Watch serials, which are essentially soap operas, pretty much all day long. It also wants to keep its crew that it has just joined safe on their mission to explore a planet. Murderbot has its work cut out for it, though, because there's another team on the planet and they're not very nice. Will Murderbot be able to keep its team safe WHILE watching all the media it wants to? Read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode to find out.

I asked Patty to join us on this episode because she is the reason why I read this book and convinced Claire to read it. She suggested it to me because she knows I like science fiction and sarcasm, which this book is definitely full of. I also asked her on because I really admire her. If you've listened to several of our recent episodes, you might have heard me grumbling about goings on in and around the library where I work. There are some people in the community who have found a handful of books that they deem inappropriate for the library, but as we all know, the library is for everyone! Not everyone has to read the same book, not everyone has to like the same thing and that's okay! It's not okay to attack anyone, especially over library books. Let me know if you need help finding a book you want to read, and if a book happens to hurt you in some way, let's talk about it. I'll help you find something just right for you. I've been a librarian for a long time, but not nearly as long as Patty. While people constantly tear her down, she stands up for what is right, and I'm proud to know her.


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