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Oh, I know you're so excited because in this episode we're discussing A Court of Mist and Fury, the second ACOTAR book, by Sarah J. Mass.

I have to tell you... I was more excited for this one, too. But not necessarily because I loved the book. I mean, I did enjoy it more than the first one, but still, these books are not my favorite. I was excited because of the character I dressed up as! She's pretty awesome. Her name is Amren and she's a mysterious creature inside the body of a High Fae. So she's not just like everyone else. Also, her main plot point is to READ A BOOK to help solve a problem. Automatically makes me love her.

But wait, let me tell you about the book before I show you our picture, even though you've already seen it because you've seen the blog post and it shows the picture before it shows anything else.

So in the first book, Feyre, a human, was living with Tamlin, a High Fae, in the Spring Court, which was cursed by Amarantha, an evil High Fae. If the curse wasn't broken (by love!) after 49 years, all the fae in the court were to become Amarantha's slaves. Feyre realized this a little too late, so she had to go Under the Mountain (a terrible place) to save everyone and break the curse. She did! But she died! But the leaders of all the Courts brought her back to life! And now she's High Fae! One of those leaders, Rhysand, really helped Feyre out Under the Mountain and now she has to go stay with him for one week every month. He's kind of a big deal. Now Feyre's back home in the Spring Court with Tamlin.

Three months later, we begin our new tale. Tamlin and Feyre are about to get married, but Tamlin is "so afraid" of Feyre getting hurt or whatever that he won't let her go anywhere or do anything, which makes her very depressed. She's basically a shell of a person. She's also suffering from PTSD after Under the Mountain and has terrible nightmares and gets sick all the time. She calls off the wedding, at the wedding, and Rhysand swoops in to take her away to the Night Court for her one week she has to spend with him and offers to let her stay since she's so unhappy in the Spring Court. No thanks. Now Tamlin has to go out on important Court business and Feyre wants to join him, but he says no and seals her inside the house with magic. That's the last straw. She uses a power that they share to tell Rhysand to take her away. He sends his cousin, Morrigan, to get Feyre.

That power is not the only one she has. She has a bunch, all from the High Fae leaders of the Courts since they had to use their own powers to bring her back to life. Now that she's with Rhysand and his pals, Morrigan, Azriel, Cassian and AMREN!, she gets to learn about all her new powers and how to use them because they're not jerks and want to help her. She also gets to find out what is happening in all the Courts. A war is coming! And they need her new powers to help!

Okay, that's probably enough of the story for now. Otherwise you won't listen to the episode! So go do that. But before you go, look at our recording picture! And another one of my Amren.

That's enough for today.


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