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Accidental Blood Loss

This week on the show, Claire and I talk about Big Bad Me by AND WITH Aislinn O'Loughlin. That's right! There's a bonus episode this week! We were very pleased when we found out that Aislinn is a fan of the podcast, which is an amazing feeling. We're used to being huge fans of our author guests, so it was interesting to get it from the other side! We talked about a lot of ridiculous things, which you know we love, but it felt like she was already one of the family before we really even got started. Here's a picture.

Before I provide a big list of the things we talked about in our bonus episode, let me tell you about the book! Big Bad Me is about Evie, an almost 16 year old who has been told her entire life that she has a rare form of diabetes, but spoiler alert, she's actually a werewolf! The "insulin" she's been taking since she was born was a lab-made mixture created by her adoptive mother to keep her wolfiness at bay. I know what you're thinking... Diabetes and supernatural creatures? That's right up Amanda's alley! And you're right! Evie and her sister, Kate, have to leave their home in search of their mother who may or may not have been kidnapped and, well, Evie finally finds out that she's a werewolf, which you can imagine is so fantastically ridiculous. There are also vampires, which takes an inordinate amount of time for Evie to realize, which adds to the hilarity of the book. But what happens? Do the girls find their mother? How does Evie deal with being a werewolf? Can they trust the vampire they met? You'll have to read the book, check out our summary or listen to our episode to find out!

You also need to check out the bonus episode because, like I said, it's ridiculous. We created a band called Accidental Blood Loss with the hit album Death-Prickle Wolfy Head Tingles featuring songs such as Powerwashing Zombies, Velcro Is a Vampire's Best Friend, Single Man Tear, Brown Tie Die and Just Pockets? We also talked about diabetes, ways to become a vampire or a werewolf, violent Final Destination-style accidents, horror movies and a million other things. It was amazing! Go listen to the episodes right now!

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