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A Whip Crackin' Good Time

In this episode, we discuss My Calamity Jane written by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows and narrated by Sophie Amoss. We also have a bonus episode with Sophie where you can catch our Would You Rather game and some awesome interview questions featuring science fair projects and Indiana Jones. It really was a whip crackin' good time, as the title of this blog post suggests.

My Calamity Jane was fantastic. I know we felt a little meh about My Plain Jane, (loved the bonus episode for that one, though) but the Lady Janies brought it back with this one all about Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley, Frank Butler and Wild Bill Hickok. There were Scooby Doo references and Marvel movie quotes and hints of Michael J. Fox's Teen Wolf. So great. SO GREAT! And Sophie Amoss did a FANTASTIC JOB with the audio, even though she had a natural lobotomy afterward and can't remember any of it. Trust me, Sophie, you were spectacular.

Speaking of, after our discussion of the book, we had a nice chat with Sophie Amoss and I've got to say, interviewing voice actors and authors is the absolute best thing ever. Each one teaches us something different and in this one, Sophie taught us, "Let your freak flag fly." It's okay to be the little weird kid at school. It's okay to fake your way through science fair projects, it's okay to burn the bottoms of cakes and possibly the tops of meatloaves. She was so much fun to talk to and I really want to be best friends with her in real life. Maybe one day when I'm narrating audiobooks, too, right? RIGHT? I can always dream.

Here's a recording picture of us cracking up at a story I told involving my mom, a Christmas gun and a karate kick. You should listen to get the full story and several others we share. It's really a good bonus episode this time.

Alright y'all, the sun's gettin' real low,


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