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A Surprise Knife Marriage

We're continuing our Vampire Book Club book series in our episode this week and talking about Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris. This is book nine of the series, so lots of things are happening! But what?!

The book starts out with the weres and shifters revealing themselves to the world, which isn't quite as bad as everyone was afraid it was going to be, even though a werepanther corpse was found in Merlotte's parking lot afterward. As Sookie is working to figure out who is responsible for that death, she thinks about asking her Fairy Great Grandfather Niall for help, but he's a little busy at the moment with a fairy war! Unfortunately the war spreads and, of course, Sookie gets involved, but luckily she's got Eric to help her out. He's definitely got to be there since they're surprise knife married! What is that, you may ask? Sookie doesn't really know. She handed Eric a special knife and apparently that means they're married now. But is that really so bad? Read the book, listen to our episode and check out our summary for all the details!

Don't forget that you can watch these Vampire Book Club episodes if you join ANY TIER of our Patreon! This week, we wore our Fangtasia shirts! Here's a picture of us showing them off.

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