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A Sh*tload of Crazy Powers

A Sh*tload of Crazy Powers by Jackson Ford

Our favorite psychokinetic Teagan Frost is currently running up a muddy hill being chased by people she definitely doesn't want to be caught by. Her PK is completely drained, one, because she's been using it way too much already today and two, because she's coming down from a meth high because this book takes place literally right after the end of book three. Her knee is busted and she keeps getting stuck in the mud, but she's got to keep going. She sees an observatory ahead and decides to make her way there, but then she falls in a hole and is promptly caught and arrested. Why did her fucking brother and sister have to return from the dead?!

Back in time a little bit, Teagan is with Annie in the hospital, sitting with her while she's in a coma after being struck by lightning brought down by Leo, the superpowered little guy from the last book. Her visit is cut short when her brother and sister, Adam and Chloe, come in and take her away against her will. Just as Teagan's powers have grown in strength, so have Adam and Chloe's. We know that Adam is the Zigzag Man and that his powers of not needing to sleep have transformed into making people live their dreams, or nightmares. Chloe's powers of seeing infrared and heat signatures have grown into the ability to change the body temperature of those around her, which right now is Teagan. Her core temperature has dropped severely so Adam gets a wheelchair and they roll her out of the hospital. Chloe is struggling to maintain control, but they make it out to the parking garage before they are stopped.

Chloe has had to use Adam's secret zigzag control words twice to keep him in line. She tells the Teagan popsicle that she's been creating a world just for them and that's where they're headed now, but then Chloe's hold on Teagan slips, and that's when the Priuses start flying. Adam makes Teagan believe she's in a house fire, one of her greatest fears ever since Adam set their house on fire when they were younger and Teagan believed she was the only survivor. Then Chloe assists by raising Teagan's temperature. Luckily hospital security arrives then, probably drawn by the flying cars, and Adam and Chloe decide to run for it. Teagan, instead of going back into the hospital for help, gets in her Jeep and follows.

Teagan's not too far behind Chloe and Adam, but after lots of high speed chasing, the cops come after her. She drives through Hollywood at practically a million miles an hour until she tries to take a turn way too fast and crashes spectacularly. And now we're up to speed. ((Wait…that's a terrible joke)) Teagan is taken into the police station and accused of a bunch of things like reckless driving and resisting arrest and, oh yeah, murder. The police lock her in a cell where she spends an unknowable amount of time thinking about how Adam and Chloe could still be alive. She saw the house burning when she was sixteen. She saw Adam cackling amongst the flames. She saw the lab where she and her siblings were given their abilities and experimented on in a pile of ash. If Adam and Chloe have been around all this time, why didn't they come for her before? It's been nearly seven years. Why now? As Teagan is pondering this, Moira Tanner walks into her cell.

Teagan thinks Tanner is there to let her out, but oh no. She's not. She tells Teagan that she fired Reggie and is the new head of China Shop. Oh great. Teagan is flabbergasted and enraged. As Tanner leaves, Teagan says she's just going to bust out, but Tanner threatens her with the entirety of LAPD chasing her down and when that's not bad enough, she says she will have her terminated. Well fuck. Of course Teagan tries to break out anyway but nothing happens. She has no PK. She thought she felt something when Adam and Chloe were fighting her earlier, but didn't realize their combined powers changed her and apparently shut down her powers. What is she going to do now?

Think about her future, that's what. Teagan plans out elaborate things she can do with her future if she doesn't have PK and work for the government. She can have a job! She can have vacations! She can have sex! Maybe it won't be so bad. Unfortunately Kyle fucking Burr enters her cell then and takes her back to China Shop, because oh yeah, he also works there now. When they arrive, Teagan is tackled by Africa. He didn't know she was in a car crash or in jail, but there's not a lot of time to discuss that. Teagan is to be the bodyguard to a republican senator who is in town, Arthur Weiss, who is also one of Tanner's bosses. This won't be any problem at all, but oh wait. Teagan doesn't have her PK. Maybe nothing terrible will happen and she won't even need it and everything will be fine and no one will want to vivisect her and study her brain because everything will go so well.

Annie suddenly wakes from her coma. No one was expecting her to wake up so soon, but she is awake now and worried about Teagan. Half of her body is in pain from the lightning strike and the burns covering her left side and her communication is a little off, but she knows she heard someone come into her room and call Teagan by her real name, Emily, and then leave. Annie knows Teagan is in trouble and she tells her mom who just got to her room that they need to find Reggie and help Teagan.

Teagan, Africa, Burr and Tanner head to the Del Rio Hotel where the senator they're guarding will be presenting at a Strategy and Defense conference, aka SADCON. He's trying to get a new business to build weapons in South Dakota but people have been making death threats on him and his family, so he needs Teagan's help. Arthur Weiss seems to be a good guy and he tells Teagan that he saw footage of what she did with the wall of water at the homeless camp and he thinks she made the right decision even if he couldn't have made the same decision himself. Then he asks if Teagan can demonstrate her powers... Uh oh...

Annie and her mom, Sandra-May, are on their way out of the hospital against doctors' orders. Annie is having a hard time, she keeps getting shooting pains through her left side and bad headaches. As they near the elevator, it opens and Nic Delacourt, Teagan's maybe boyfriend, steps out. He's been trying to call Teagan and thought maybe she would be here with Annie. Instead of telling Nic that Teagan's brother and sister are alive and evil beyond reason, she says she hasn't heard from her. She and Teagan had a fight right before she was electrocuted and she said she never wanted to see Teagan again. She regrets it now and worries that if she gets Nic involved he'll get hurt or killed and she just can't let that happen. Sandra-May doesn't like that they just lied to Nic, and she also doesn't like that they're leaving the hospital when Annie's still unwell, but Annie says they've got to go to China Shop.

Teagan pretends to have moved something in the room and no one believes her at all, but then Jonas Schmidt, the handsome German billionaire that Teagan crushed on during the sociopathic child earthquakes comes in. Apparently he's got dealings with the company that Weiss wants to have built in South Dakota. He also brought a reporter and a bodyguard with him. Jonas seems to not recognize Teagan and says he needs a word with the Senator, so Teagan, Tanner, Burr and Africa are asked to leave the room. Burr and Africa go down to the ballroom where the conference will be held while Tanner asks Teagan to float her cell phone in the air. Tanner doesn't say anything at all when Teagan can't move the phone.

The conference is about to begin when they get down to the ballroom. Teagan asks for water and when Africa brings her a glass, it's hot and thick in her mouth. She can't do this. She has to get away from the crowd in the ballroom, so she runs. What is likely the manager of the hotel finds her and quotes Bible verses to her about not being able to run away and to the next town, which is odd, and then Africa, Tanner and Burr find her. Teagan breaks down and begins crying, begging Tanner not to send her back to the testing facility in Waco where she spent too many years of her life. Tanner walks away while Africa helps Teagan get up, telling her they'll take this one step at a time.

At the China Shop office, Annie can't remember the codes to get in, so she and Sandra-May go home. Annie is devastated, but then she remembers she can get on her computer to get contact information for Teagan and Africa and Reggie. She calls and calls but no one answers, but then Reggie calls her back. Annie struggles to get the words out about Teagan being taken by Adam and Chloe, but she finally manages. Reggie says she's coming and to stay put.

SADCON is about to begin as Tanner walks up to the stage and says something to Weiss, presumably that Teagan lost her powers. She then tries to get Teagan and Africa to leave, but then Teagan notices the Bible-quoting hotel manager acting fishy, and then he pulls out a gun and shoots the first speaker at the conference. It's bonkers after that, and Burr manages to get a gun from someone and they all run. Teagan and Africa run into a room with a swimming pool and a guard comes in, shooting at them. Her shot goes wide and Africa tackles her, but then she manages to trap Africa. She's got a clear shot at him and she's going to take it.

But of course Teagan can't let Africa get hurt, so she tackles the lady into the pool. They fight and Teagan almost drowns, but then the woman is dead. Africa shot her. Burr and Tanner come in then and make Teagan search the lady's pockets. There's not much in there, a wallet, a pen and some coins, but that's all. Teagan keeps the wallet and then Tanner tells them they have to leave, so they do.

Annie and Reggie begin to make some plans. Sandra-May is upset because Annie and Reggie are talking about secret things and she thinks her daughter is up to no good. Annie gets frustrated and stutters a lot, but Reggie talks her down and helps her cope with her pain. Reggie is definitely a badass and a genius. They can't break into China Shop's computers because, well, Reggie built the systems and she doesn't work there anymore, but they can try to track Teagan and Adam and Chloe through other means. Annie decides to dust off her old contacts from her shady days, Annie's Army. She is determined to help Teagan.

Teagan, Africa, Burr and Tanner sneak from the pool through disused stairwells of the hotel and up to the third floor where they find Gerhardt, Jonas' bodyguard, shot dead in the hallway. They use his keycard to find his room and make it their safehouse. Tanner and Burr start planning their next moves when Teagan gets upset that she's not included and that they abandoned all the people in the ballroom. Africa barely says a word. Burr explains why they had to leave, because they seriously did not stand a chance against all the armed terrorists or whatever you want to call them. They briefly discuss the Bibleyness of the shooter when they find a scripture in the wallet of the woman from the pool, but they don't exactly know which religious extremist group they're from. Tanner and Burr order Teagan and Africa to hide while they try to find a way out to call for help because the terrorists have blocked all phones and rigged the exits with explosives.

Teagan and Africa do not immediately hide, instead Teagan finds some beer in the mini fridge and Africa remains silent. Teagan tries to talk him out of his stupor and it eventually works, but then they hear someone using a keycard outside. They quietly run to the adjoining room and into the bathroom to hide. As they open the shower door to get inside, they are shocked to find Jonas and the reporter he brought with him, Kanehara, hiding in there already. It's a tight squeeze but Teagan and Africa cram in there too. Two men have come in to search around and they talk about The Reverend, aka Bible shooty manager guy, though they're not supposed to call him that, then they decide to leave the room despite how much they're being paid to look around. A few minutes after the men leave, Teagan sneezes right in Jonas' face, which is exactly what you want to do to your crush.

It's amazing how Annie's life has changed from slinging drugs to jail to slinging drugs to jail to being friendly to everyone to being contacted by Moira Tanner and working for China Shop. Tanner found her after her second time in prison and recruited her for her contacts, and now, Annie's Army does not disappoint. A few calls asking people to be on the lookout for a blue truck with side damage leads Annie to a huge house in a ritzy neighborhood in Laurel Canyon. Her contact, Jah, says a woman and a great big hairy dude got out, so it's definitely Chloe and Adam. Annie wants to head there straight away, but Reggie tries to get her to wait. She doesn't.

Teagan, Africa, Jonas and Kanehara get out of the shower. They bring Gerhardt's body in and talk for a few minutes about who everyone is and what they think is happening, then Jonas decides to leave the room to find and disable the phone jammers. Kanehara and Africa say they're going, too, and reluctantly, Teagan follows.

Annie is headed out to where Chloe and Adam are supposedly staying, but she can't drive, Reggie can't drive, and she's not bringing her mom into this. She can't get a ride share either because her neighborhood is so rough, so she sets out on foot to a place that is more friendly to random drivers. Then she spots a car she doesn't recognize. Luckily a friend of hers who is carrying a .38 happens to come by at the same time. Annie takes her friend's gun and approaches the car only to find Nic inside. He wants to help Teagan, too, but Annie won't let him. She tells her friend to shoot his tires if he tries to follow her and she walks away.

Teagan and co are still searching for the phone jammers. They make their way up to the seventh floor and search there because access to the roof is blocked by C4. Jonas has been to this hotel before and knows the manager's office is here, meaning he can get keycards to access all the doors. They split up and each search the rest of the rooms on this level. Teagan looks all around the room she's in and can't find the jammer box, but she does find a pack of cookies in the mini fridge... with her PK. It's flickering back to life. Yay? It means her future dreams are crushed, but she's on her way back to her own normal, which is a good feeling to have.

Jonas, Kanehara and Africa come into the room soon after and none of them have found the jammer. Jonas gets angry and Kanehara begins filming, which isn't really okay with anyone, but she's a reporter who's just doing her job. Africa goes to search the room again and comes back with a sheet of paper with Teagan's face on. And one with Tanner. And The Reverend. And the guys who almost found them in the shower. And the lady from the pool. And they're all in Vietnamese. Turns out, Phan Duc Hong is big in Vietnamese weapons manufacturing and she knows who Teagan is and this is her room. But does she know what Teagan can do? And wasn't she one of the ones held hostage in the ballroom? What does all this mean? Nothing, at least for right now. They still have to find the jammer and to do that, they need to get to the roof...

Annie has made it to Chloe and Adam's hideout which, it turns out, belongs to a billionaire named Wilcox. Is he involved or are they just using his mansion as their base? Annie has a good vantage point and can see the house and also, across the way, she can see the beautiful historic Del Rio Hotel. She sneaks around the outside but doesn't see any activity. She decides she's going to get closer, which involves her sliding down a steep hill through prickly shrubs. When she gets nearer to the street, no fucking way, Nic is there. He followed her even though he wasn't supposed to. She goes to swing at him, but she's so hot and dehydrated from being in the sun and you know, only recently coming out of a lightning-induced coma that she falls to the ground.

Teagan and her crew scramble up to the roof. Everything goes surprisingly well, minus the pigeon to the face that makes Teagan fall from the ledge. Good thing Africa was able to catch her. The group splits up and heads toward the rooftop bar, Teagan and Jonas go one way, Africa and Kanehara go the other. Teagan reaches out with her PK trying to find the jammer but instead feels guns approaching. She and Jonas see Senator Weiss being dragged out to the rooftop bar by a woman they don't recognize and The Reverend. They beat him up and then ...

Annie and Nic go back to Nic's car. Annie is furious that he followed her out but he tells her even though he's boring and not some sort of secret agent, he can't sit idly by while Teagan is in trouble. Annie finally tells him everything about Chloe and Adam and their abilities. Nic begins talking about the training he's had helping out with the earthquakes after leaving the district attorney's office...

Weiss is still getting beat up and then, just when Teagan is about to burst in and shut things down, Burr and Tanner arrive with guns. Teagan decides she's going to crunch the safeties on the hostage-takers' guns, which will be totally easy because she's done it a million times. That's not what happens at all. Teagan's powers go haywire and everything around her, guns, chairs, doors, PEOPLE, get swooped in a tornado of chaos and she can't shut it down. She yells that she's sorry to Tanner and Jonas tells her to stop, which is bad because hey, he knows about her abilities, but she can't. And then she gets her arm shot off.

Annie is now wearing Nic's fireproof suit that he uses for helping out with earthquake victims. She's called in Elijah who has come to the house to do an emergency power line check. After some convincing, the guard at the house lets him drive his truck through the gate. Annie, in the bed of the truck, will get out and sneak around, supposedly unseen by Chloe's ability. Except she takes the fire suit off because she's sweltering inside it and can't take it anymore. Nic is guiding her from a high vantage point and tells her to put the suit back on but she won't do it.

Okay, so Teagan didn't *actually* get her arm shot off, but she was shot with an AK-47, so that's pretty bad. Luckily the bullet went straight through so she'll be fine, but still. Tanner finds a secret passage behind the bar and she, Burr and Jonas sneak down carrying Teagan. She keeps blacking out and eventually comes to on a disgusting couch under a pornography poster with her arm bandaged. Burr has taken really good care of her. While she was out, they realized that the jammer box was destroyed in Teagan's tornado of doom. Jonas all of the sudden got a billion notifications on Instagram, so then Tanner and Burr called the FBI who are now on their way. Jonas has a phone that belongs to the hostage-takers that Tanner wants him to unlock, but he isn't the right guy for that job. Reggie is. But Tanner fired her. Teagan tells Tanner to fuck off and ask Reggie for help. She refuses, but eventually gives her phone to Burr to make the call.

Annie sneaks through Wilcox's house and is able to make it into his office where she finds a laptop with a background image of Wilcox with his arm around Chloe in front of a mountain. Ooh. This is good evidence, and a huge clue that he's clearly involved in everything that's going on. As she's debating on stealing the computer, she hears voices outside and they belong to Wilcox and Chloe. Annie sneaks out onto the balcony, regretting that she took off the firesuit. Wilcox is upset that Teagan is at the conference at the Del Rio and he's upset that Chloe deviated from their plan by trying to get Teagan on their side. He goes on to talk about the School, which despite the lab there being closed, is still up and running even though there are only four kids, and one of them, Leo, refuses to help. Chloe stops talking abruptly just about the same time that Annie tries to jump from the balcony but gets so cold she can't move or speak.

Teagan calls Reggie to get her help with the phone but learns about Annie being out of the hospital, going after Adam and Chloe, and not currently being in communication with Reggie. Teagan freaks out, but there's literally nothing she can do right now except connect the hostage-taker's phone to the laptop in the porno room.

Annie meanwhile is in a garden shed zip-tied to a chair. Chloe uses her powers to take away the feeling in Annie's damaged nerves which you think would be good but it's probably going to end up being torturous. Oh wait. She says she doesn't want to cause anyone *physical* pain, but then she calls Adam in, and, well, he gets to work. Rhetoric. Parallel. Window. Prospect. Triangle. Altitude. Zigzag. Zigzag. Zigzag.

Teagan and Jonas have a moderately in-depth conversation about Tanner and being a boss and not being shitty and how he's lost most of his money while Burr talks to Reggie as they try to break into the phone. Then Teagan realizes that Tanner knew Annie was out of her coma and left the hospital. She gets really mad and starts to yell at Tanner but then they hear hostage-takers coming through the passageway. Burr hides the laptop and phone under the couch cushion just as Teagan decides she could try to lock the safeties on their guns but then her PK might go bonkers again. As the hostage-takers approach the door, Tanner says they're coming out. She's giving up.

Adam has pit Annie against her father. Her father who beat her mother and who Annie had killed by one of her future drug running crew when she was just ten years old. But her father is here now, asking her if she's happy she killed him. Annie knows that Adam is messing with her mind, so she says that she is happy she killed her father. Then she wakes up in China Shop. Reggie tells her she was talking in her sleep and confessed to killing her father. Everyone in China Shop turns on her. Reggie. Africa. Teagan. Paul. But wait, Paul is dead. Or was that a nightmare? Annie struggles to understand what's real and what's not when Nic rushes in to save her. They manage to get out of the shed and partway down a cliff before her captors realize she's gone. Chloe can't see her, but Adam can feel them, so he knows Nic is there, too, then all of the sudden, Annie is in China Shop again.

Teagan, Tanner, Burr and Jonas are zip-tied and taken to the ballroom with all the other hostages. Dyson, The Reverend, is there with lots of the other people Teagan saw on the papers in Phan Duc's room. Some of them are his followers and some are paid mercenaries. The Reverend tells Teagan that he wants money, which isn't really surprising on account of the hostage situation, but he wants to get it by having Teagan stop him and his group from killing everyone. Well that doesn't really make sense. Teagan worries because she knows if she uses her PK, which pretty much everyone knows about now, it might go haywire like it did on the roof. Or it might not work at all. But then she remembers something Reggie once said about Tanner, how she works every day to save more lives than she loses. Teagan looks at her boss, hating her but finally understanding her, then she lets her PK loose on the giant chandelier in the lobby.

Teagan shouts for everyone to get down. The chandelier and everything else in the lobby goes bonkers. The hostage-takers all start shooting. It's an explosion of mayhem. The Reverend stalks up to Teagan and kicks her in the stomach and aims a gun at her, but then she pulls the whirling chandelier straight into him and he's gone. Everything is still exploding in the maelstrom, so Teagan begs her PK to stop. After a few more moments of chaos, it does. Teagan has a massive headache and collapses to the ground, but Africa swoops her up into his arms and carries her out of the hotel.

Annie manages to break free of Adam's control pretty quickly whilst hanging onto the side of the cliff for dear life. Nic takes a little longer, but he breaks free, too, and they start to climb back up the cliff. Nic gets to the top first and they find Adam kneeling and chanting. Nic flies at him, ready to punch, but Adam dodges and then starts to strangle Nic. Annie gets to her feet with a rock in hand. When she was young, she loved baseball and was an excellent pitcher, but her father ruined her dreams. Well, even though her worthless dad always told her she wouldn't amount to anything, she knows that she was a damn good pitcher when she was little and she's still one now. She winds up and cracks Adam in the back of the skull with her rock and he goes down. Annie and Nic look over the side of the cliff to see Chloe with a sniper rifle, so they know they can't go down that way. Then they spot a ladder and plan to climb over the side of the fence surrounding Wilcox's mansion.

Outside the hotel, Teagan is sitting in an ambulance getting her gunshot wound checked out. Then she's approached by an FBI agent who asks her what she was doing in the hotel. She decides she's going to tell the truth because everyone will know who she is by now anyway, what with the LA River, the hospital parking garage, the roof... but before she speaks, Africa is there. And Tanner. And Burr. And Arthur Weiss. Arthur dismisses the agent and then asks about Teagan not having her powers. Tanner says they'll debrief and decide Teagan's future while Burr tells her to wait and Teagan walks away from everything. Then she's approached by Kanehara.

Surprisingly, Kanehara offers Teagan a choice. She obviously saw everything that Teagan did with her PK on the roof and in the ballroom, but she pretends that she didn't. She asks Teagan to tell her story when she's ready and when she's allowed to, but if she talks to another reporter, Kanehara will spin a terrible tale of what happened. Teagan agrees to talk to Kanehara in the future knowing that Tanner will probably never ever let that happen.

Next Teagan is offered another choice. Jonas comes up to her and offers to take her away to a private island where she can recuperate on the beach with drinks and great food and a guy she has a huge crush on, who also happens to have a huge crush on her, too. They can get to know each other and either be together or part amicably as friends. But Teagan chooses not to go with him just yet. She would rather be with Nic who knows everything about her, good and bad, and accepts it than with a (failing) billionaire who thinks they're both heroes and might get tired of her at any moment. Plus, she's got to go after Chloe and Adam.

Teagan and Jonas split up, Jonas making phone calls and Teagan desperately wanting to take a nap. She talks to Tanner and Senator Weiss and offers to go back inside the hotel to get the hostage-taker's phone and the computer they used to hack it and also probably take a nap on the secret hideout porn couch. She pulls out the phone and decides to look through it a little because who can resist snooping through a hostage-taker's phone? She opens the photos and finds the video they recorded on the roof when they were dangling the senator off the edge. The video is not what anyone suspected. The Reverend, whilst dangling the senator, asks him why Teagan didn't use her powers and then suggests Weiss tell the recording what happened from the beginning, starting from when he hired The Reverend and his followers to crash SADCON. What. The. Shit.

Teagan watches the video several times. Surely Reggie has saved it and maybe she's shared it with Tanner already, but just in case, Teagan needs to show it to her NOW. As she stands to leave the secret room, Weiss comes in with a helicopter pilot and offers Teagan a ride. Then he realizes she's holding the phone and what she's seen. He whips out his taser and shocks her.

On the helicopter ride, Weiss bad-guy monologues while threatening Teagan with more shocks. Teagan realizes the answer to a question that's been running through her mind all day: when is a hostage situation not a hostage situation? When it's an exposition. Teagan was supposed to be on display to the highest bidder, but she didn't have her powers so people got hurt. Now Weiss is taking Teagan to a facility to turn her into a mindless weapon. And, oh yeah, this whole thing was Chloe's idea, but she got cold feet. When she came to the hospital, she told Teagan that she was in danger and was going to take her away to safety, but like, Teagan's definitely not going to believe that, so then they got into their random-shit-slinging, temperature-fluctuating, living-nightmare fight and then Teagan got arrested.

Teagan doesn't know what to make of this knowledge or what to do with it, so she decides to crash the helicopter. She's done it before in a high-speed car chase so surely she can do it again, no problem. Hahaha, no. Instead of crashing the fuel pump, she rips everything to shreds. Weiss tries to tase her and then punch her, but they're tumbling around in the plummeting helicopter and then Teagan slams into the door and falls out.

As she drops to her inevitable death in the Pacific Ocean, saying her goodbyes to Reggie and Africa and Nic and Annie, even Chloe and Adam, she suddenly gets one final, bonkers-as-shit idea. What if, when she fought with her siblings, they didn't change her power, what if they injured it, like a broken bone? And what if, like after your broken bone is healed, you feel stronger? What if she never lost her PK at all and it was just healing? She tried to use enough PK to lock the safeties on the guns on the roof, but what if she didn't have to use as much PK as she used to and then everything went flying around crazy because she used way too much energy because she's much stronger than she ever realized? This leads her to trying something she's never tried before. She uses her PK on herself. And then she's fucking flying. She makes it nearly all the way to shore before crashing into the waves.

Teagan spends a little time enjoying the beach after her flight, thinking about her powers. She reaches inside and checks that they're still there, then she tests them a little and finds she's floating an orb of ocean in front of her and she's surrounded by rings of floating sand. Her powers definitely still work. But for how long? Is she going to crash again? A little bit later, a surfer walks up and tells Teagan she should be careful swimming in that area because she's not from around there. Yeah, like she's scared. She borrows the surfer's phone and calls Reggie.

Annie and Nic have Ubered away from the mansion and are in the middle of a busy part of the city, just in case Chloe and Adam come for them. They figure it'll be harder to use their powers in front of everyone. Nic reveals how he was able to break in and climb the cliff to get to her, which involves calling the police and reporting a kidnapping, but that doesn't help because of course Adam used his powers on the cops. Then Nic decided to set a giant dumpster on fire and ram it into the gates. While everyone was distracted, he made it to Annie and now they've escaped. Nic also puts Annie in her place about treating Teagan like she's helpless, which we all appreciate. While they try to figure out what to do next, Nic gets a phone call from Reggie.

Teagan is sitting at a hole in the wall bar enjoying a beer. Reggie said she'd send whomever she could get in touch with first to pick her up and that happens to be Nic and Annie, but Teagan doesn't know that. Teagan and Nic hug and kiss and then Teagan spots Annie. Annie panics and wants to run, but Teagan almost tackles her in a huge hug. Annie notices a change in Teagan, a sort of calm when she was always a ball of nervous energy before. They hug and Annie never wants to let go.

A little while later, Tanner calls in Teagan and Annie and Africa. She tells them that the vice president is in charge of her now and, while that's not great, as long as they keep their heads down and do good work, they'll be able to continue on as usual. Then she asks to speak with Teagan privately, which she refuses, and so she tells Teagan that she's much much stronger now and if anything goes wrong, she's going to be confined to a facility. Delightful. Tanner dismisses everyone for a few days while she gets organized, but tells them to be on the ready.

Teagan, Annie and Africa leave, get in Africa's truck with Nic and Reggie and start to leave on a trip to Wyoming. Annie's video footage of Wilcox's mansion was more important than anyone thought. The background of his computer was an area in Wyoming that Teagan and her family visited when she was a kid. Wilcox and Chloe were in the picture together, recently, so China Shop is going to check it out. Before they can leave, Burr stops them. Oh, fucking come on, Burr. Just as we all think he's going to stop the crew from leaving, he basically tells Teagan that he's proud of her for being the kind of person who never backs down. Then he says he'll hold Tanner off as long as possible. Now, with her crew, with her friends, with her family, Teagan is officially on the run. They're going to stop Chloe and Adam, damnit.

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