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A New Slayer!

In our most recent episode, we talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the slayer who is taking her place, Frankie Rosenberg, in the new series In Every Generation by Kendare Blake. We also talk to Kendare in a bonus episode, so be sure to check that out! We know you're not surprised that we're talking to Kendare again because everyone knows we love her.

In this book, Frankie Rosenberg, daughter of witch Willow Rosenberg, becomes the new Slayer when all the other slayers in the world die in an explosion. Look, they're probably not all dead, maybe even Buffy isn't dead-dead, but it's hard to say. We can hope that our beloved Buffy Summers is still alive somewhere, but right now, Frankie is in charge. She and her friends, Hailey (sister of a missing slayer), Jake (nephew of Oz and full-blooded werewolf) and Sigmund (a very charming demon) are the New Scooby Gang and they're facing off against a monster of the week who takes over Instagram and a very scary Immortal called The Countess. How do they feel about being the New Scoobies? Does Frankie have what it takes to be THE Slayer? Better read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode to find out!

In our bonus episode, we play Would You Rather with Kendare, and talk to her about the Buffy TV show and how I haven't really watched it before and how I love this book because it brought me into the Buffyverse. We also talk about her big fat vagina and a virgin rave and maybe things that might happen in the next two books in the trilogy and a million other things that are fantastic. Here we are dancing with pretend glow sticks. You really need to join our Patreon to get all the joy of watching Kendare during the bonus episode. She's really delightful.

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