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A Million Bodies

In our latest episode, we talked about A Million Suns, book two in the Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis. Things are not looking good on Godspeed... not good at all.

It's been three months since Elder took over Godspeed and, though he's trying to do everything right by all the people on the ship, that's just not good enough for everyone. Soon riots break out and then people end up dead! There are so many deaths in this one, so, so many, but they are dying needlessly and Elder really wants to stop them... but what can he do? No one trusts a sixteen year old who's got a thing for a recently unfrozen redhead!

Speaking of that redhead... Amy is currently trying to decipher clues left by Orion as to just exactly what is going on on the ship. When she and Elder find out... well... let's just say, it's either really really good or really really bad. You'd better read the book, listen to the episode or read the summary to find out!

Here's a recording picture in which I'm gently blowing like the void of space.

Be sure to tune in next week, we'll have an interview with Beth Revis!!!

Until then!


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