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A Heartstopping Start to the New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Claire and I are starting this year with Heartstopper Volume 2 by Alice Oseman. We were joined for our Would You Rather segment by Superfan Drew, and it's about time, let me tell you. Drew's been a Superfan for a looooonnnng time, and when you're a Superfan, you get perks, but in her own words, she was just waiting for the right episode to join in on. Here's a picture.

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So, what happens in Heartstopper Volume 2? Nick and Charlie are spending lots more time together, though still quietly for the most part. Most everyone thinks they're *just friends,* but they're wrong of course. After bowling with Charlie's friends and movies with Nick's friends, including a fight and most deserved shove for one of Nick's former friends, Nick decides to share with the world that he's bisexual, so now, at the end of book two, they can be together in public! Read the book for all the smooches, listen to our episode for lots of squees, and check out our summary for the details.


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