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A Good Girl's Bad Blood Guide to Murder Podcasting

Uh, what? That's not even the most confusing thing about this episode. It's about the UK edition of a book so it's filled with all sorts of ridiculous Britishisms that Claire tries to explain to me. It's... not pretty. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

This episode is all about Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson, the second book of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, which you might remember us covering here. I know that all our episodes are full of spoilers and you probably know that, too, but this one is SUPER SPOILERY because this book is not out in the United States yet. Yeah. You have to wait until the beginning of 2021 to read this in the US unless you buy the UK edition or have someone, say a podcasting partner, who lives in the UK send it to you as a gift. Because this book is not out in the US yet, it also does not yet have an audiobook, so we both had to read this book. You know this is rare for us, but we did it! Yay!

So what is this about? Good Girl, Bad Blood is almost a continuation of AGGGTM, it picks up shortly after the first one left off and features the court cases that came about from all the terrible happenings in that book. It's also about the podcast Pippa, the main character, puts out based on AGGGTM. This time, instead of solving a cold case murder as a school project, she solves a missing persons case. Her friend Jamie has gone missing and his brother and mother ask Pip to find him using her podcast as a platform to get the word out. Nothing is ever simple for Pip, though, so you know this isn't going to be an open and shut case. Does she find Jamie? What else does she uncover along the way? Will she even survive? Read the book or listen to the show to find out!

Please remember that this book is not out in the US yet and that when we covered AGGGTM, there were some discrepancies between the UK and US editions. This discussion is about the UK edition, so there will likely be changes when the US edition comes out. We'll probably revisit this then, but for now, enjoy the scoop!

Here's a picture of us whilst recording. We're talking about some very interesting details about missing persons in this picture, but I'm not going to share those details with you here.

Go on, have a listen. Sorry for any confusion the UK edition might cause!


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