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A Foldout Wallet Photo Album

Our episode this week is all about the eighth Sookie Stackhouse book, From Dead to Worse, by Charlaine Harris. (Oh, what's that? An affiliate link? Yeah, we're trying that out. If you buy the book from that link, we might get a little money from it. Yay!) As per usual, we latched on to something during our discussion and, well, it was a foldout wallet photo album this time. But why?

Sookie is, as usual, right in the middle of something she probably shouldn't be in the middle of, but this time, it's TWO somethings! First, the werewolves of Louisiana are randomly killing each other off, enough to start what could become a werewolf war, and Sookie is the only one who can stop it. This is where the foldout wallet photo album comes in so you'll get your explanation quicker than usual. Shapeshifter Sam joins in the fray and we decided that he's got, you guessed it, a foldout wallet photo album of different animals he might need to shift into at any given moment. It's a good thing he has this fictitious foldout wallet photo album because without Sam, things would have ended badly.

The other thing Sookie's in the middle of is a vampire war! Two wars in one book! Since Katrina, the vampires of Louisiana have been suffering and other vampire royalty have noticed and have decided to come take over the state. Yikes! Hopefully all our favorite vampires will be safe, especially Eric and Pam because we love them. Not Bill though. We don't care about him anymore. Haven't for a long time, in fact.

Surprisingly, that's not all that happens in this book. There's some family drama, too, including but not limited to Jason and Crystal and some long-lost relatives. Wow! You'd better read or listen to the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode for all the details.

(You know... I kinda thought that would be enough text to get us to the bottom of this foldout wallet photo album, but I was wrong. So let's keep going!)

Make sure you join our Patreon to watch us as we record this episode. You also get early access to it, and most Sookie episodes, as we generally record the Friday before our episodes release. Speaking of Patreon, if you've got any ideas of how we can make it better, or anything you'd like to have if you joined, please let me know. We want to make our podcast and Patreon perfect for you! And we want more people to join! Help us out!

We've made it to the bottom of the foldout wallet photo album. I've managed to ramble enough to get us here! Oh! One more thing! A recording picture of us this week!

Here we are pretending to hold our foldout wallet photo albums. We really did take it too far.

Until next time,


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