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About the show


Fictional Hangover is a podcast all about young adult and new adult
books, series, authors and voice actors that is full of spoilers.


Hosts Amanda and Claire share summaries of popular books and discuss their favorite and least favorite moments, favorite characters, surprises and more.
They also play a game of Would You Rather based on each book, sometimes with the author or voice actor of the book and sometimes with listeners!

About the hosts

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Claire likes books. A lot.
She is a Research Librarian,
so when she's not reading fiction or graphic novels or listening to an audiobook, you’ll find her learning about interesting and
unusual scientific things!
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Amanda is a Librarian in
a public library and an Audiobook Narrator.
She's always listening to audiobooks because they're her favorite, especially if they're
YA and/or Horror! 
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Talk to Us

Is there a book, author or series you love that we should discuss or something else we should know?
Contact us! We might cover it on the blog or in an upcoming show!

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