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Check out our episode here! (featuring Hidden, Revealed and Redeemed)

Revealed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

One week after Neferet kidnapped Grandma Redbird and Aurox threw her off the roof of the Mayo, the Job fair takes place at the house of Night. Darkness spiders appear at the Street Cats tent, so Zoey needs to cast a circle. Shaylin was off doing something and didn't come but Erin did, which was weird because she had separated herself from the rest of the nerd herd. As they're casting the circle, Neferet semi-forms from the spiders and blows through Erin's body. Then Erin rejects the change and dies.

Neferet had oozed to the hole in the ground that Kalona burst out of and then came out as spiders when she realized Erin was dying. She was basically nothing, but Erin's death gives her just enough power to take her former shape again and then drink Aphrodite's dad. She runs to Woodward Park and sacrifices a fox to call some of the tendrils of Darkness back to her and they lead her to a grotto in the park to sleep safely.

Aphrodite's mother goes crazy with the death of her husband. She shouts that a Vampyre at the school killed him and it definitely wasn't poor Neferet who disappeared after her penthouse was vandalized after she spoke out about the violence at the House of Night. Detective Marx arrives at the scene and requests that all Fledglings and vampyres remain at the school.

Aphrodite has a terrible vision about Zoey losing control, drinking Aurox's blood and killing people then being put in jail and losing all hope while saying "I deserve this." She doesn't want anyone to know about it (bad idea?!). Stark is overly possessive of Zoey because of Aurox and we all want to punch him in the face.

Erebus comes to talk to Kalona about stopping and trapping Neferet, but Kalona is too angry to listen. Zoey, Stark and Darius come to talk to him about a basement at the school. It seems that Neferet doesn't know that there is a basement full of old swords and weapons covered in jewels, so it should be a safe place for the tunnel dwellers to stay while they're forced to remain on campus. Thanatos has a Skype call with the high council where they decide to pretty much wash their hands of Neferet and the Tulsa House of Night, making it Zoey and the rest of the group's responsibility to defeat Neferet. (That's pretty shitty.)

After Erin's funeral, Aphrodite and Shaylin notice that Zoey is being awful to and snapping at everyone. Shaylin says her colors are off, and that's not a good thing. Between that and Aphrodite's vision, it seems that Zoey is headed down a bad path. Meanwhile, Aurox goes for a run and ends up getting drunk with some high school kids outside of the school grounds. His Heath really comes out then. He takes Stark to get rid of them using his red vampyre powers.

Speaking of red vampyres… Nicole swears allegiance to Stevie Rae because she's tired of Dallas being so mean. And speaking of Dallas… he uses his electricity affinity to electrocute Stevie Rae and then opens her curtains to burn her. Rephaim as a bird flies in to attack him, then Shaunee arrives and takes care of Stevie Rae.

Stark and Kalona track down Dallas. Thanatos punishes Dallas and his followers as she sees fit and as would have been done in ancient times. Dallas is beheaded and his two followers that stood with him, Elliot and Curtis, are to be so far removed from Vampyre society that they will reject the change and die. (YES!) Zoey and the circle with Aurox in Stevie Rae's place clean up the area where Dallas was executed.

Zoey tells Aurox that she loves Heath and it's weird that he's inside him.

Aurox takes Zoey to lunch where they use childish words for spaghetti, sandwiches and soup like Zoey and Heath did when they were little, then Aurox cuts his finger and lets Zoey drink from him, then he leaves before the rest of the group arrives for a totally normal lunch.

Zoey, angry that Aphrodite and Shaylin have been spying on her, uses the seer stone to hurl power at Shaylin, throwing her on her butt. Then she leaves the House of Night and wanders all the way to Woodward Park, where Neferet is resting in the grotto. While she's there, some vagrants approach her and, we all know how Zoey feels about vagrants...!! She murders them and runs back to the House of Night where she yanks off the seer stone and gives it to Aphrodite saying that the old magick is powerful and dangerous. Then she's arrested (!!) for murdering the vagrants. As she's being led away in handcuffs, she says to herself "I deserve this, I deserve this."

In the background of all the stuff going on with Zoey, we see Neferet's history and how she became immortal when she assisted the Fledglings that died in her care and absorbed their life forces. Now, she has finally risen from the grotto and approaches a church, where she goes inside and drinks the entire congregation, then gets her tendrils of Darkness to take her home to the Mayo, all the while saying "I deserve this! I deserve this!" The White Bull appears and is pleased with what Neferet has done.

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