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Redeemed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Grandma, Stark, Thanatos and Stevie Rae visit Zoey in jail and tell her she won't be alone to reject the change, but then an officer comes in and tells them they must leave because there's trouble at the Mayo. Neferet has taken it over as her temple and puts tendrils inside the guests and controls them like puppets.

When the police arrive, Neferet confesses to killing the vagrants and the church congregation then shields the hotel with Darkness. Officers try to shoot her but the bullets ricochet back and kill the officers instead. Detective Marx goes back to the jail and releases Zoey, then they go to the school to get help.

Thanatos, Kalona, the nerd herd and Lenobia gather to learn about Neferet then go to the hotel to see what's going on there. Inside, Neferet's puppets and the remaining guests are putting on a show for Neferet led by a human called Lynette. Lynette is allowed to remain herself and not become a tendril puppet because she has skills and value that Neferet deems worthy. When she's alerted to what's going on outside, she sends her Darkness out to fight Kalona and stop Thanatos from gleaning human souls. A reporter catches it all on video and then interviews the group. Kalona tells the reporter that he's Erebus's brother, which everyone thinks is a really big deal.

Humans flock to the House of Night for sanctuary from Neferet and take up residence in the field house. I guess they're not currently afraid of any vampyres other than Neferet. All the cats are are acting strangely and Zoey finds them surrounding The Tree and sees Neferet's former cat Skylar at the top of the tree and thinks it's going to commit suicide. Aurox rescues Skylar and they become bonded.

The group calls Sgiach to see if she has any ideas to defeat Neferet and she says Zoey has to use the seer stone, but only when she's ready and if she's not going to use it for any personal reasons. She doesn't want to use it though, but she's going to have to get over that. They decide that they can't kill Neferet since she's immortal but have to rely on ancient spells and rituals and they have to use the land because it's important. Grandma suggests a tree the ancient wise women thought was important and Thanatos and Shaunee are going to fast and prepare to cast a spell while Zoey learns to use the seer stone.

Thanatos casts the spell which surrounds Tulsa with fire that Neferet and her Darkness (or anyone with ill intent) can't pass through. This knocks everyone involved out for a bit. Thanatos meditates and Shaunee struggles keeping enough strength to keep the fire wall going. We discovered the fire wall as Neferet's sending Lynette out to acquire 1920s costumes for her "guests" to wear while they perform the Charleston for her. (What is going on with Neferet here? She's so terrifying sometimes and now she makes people dance the Charleston...?) Kalona is there to make sure that Neferet is trapped and doesn't come out and do anything crazy and escorts Lynette away to safety. Neferet is enraged.

Zoey and the nerd herd are preparing and then Aphrodite has a vision. Of Kalona. As Kalona. Dying. But then Nyx appears to tell her to tell him it's his choice to make. Oh great. In her anger, Neferet begins chucking people off the roof of the building every five minutes in an attempt to weaken the barrier. They all take off to help, but Kalona flies. As he's swooping in to catch a falling human, Neferet shoots him with bullets filled with Darkness right in the heart. He falls from the sky and dies.

They take him to Thanatos as he is dying and she helps him get to the Otherworld where he is greeted warmly by Nyx and Erebus. It is sad, but also happy as we see Kalona is finally back where he's supposed to be. Meanwhile, Lynette sneaks back to the Mayo and tells Neferet she overheard them talking about how Thanatos won't be able to hold the shield forever. She definitely won’t be able to hold it when Neferet kills all her supplicants and drinks Lynette completely and asks her tendrils of darkness to sacrifice themselves for her and to break the spell, causing Thanatos to die.

With Aurox's help, Zoey realizes she must seal Neferet away like A-ya sealed Kalona, so they lure her to Woodward Park and the grotto there. Zoey uses her blood to call the Old Magick spirits who tell her that she will lose her love in order to complete the request. She tells Stark she'll meet him in the otherworld. But it's not Stark that she loses. Then she thinks, oh, it's me. I have to die. But again, nope. Aurox traps Neferet in the grotto and they seal it using the circle and Old Magick. All of them make the change then.

They declare themselves the first High Council of North America and will spread out, Damien to the east, Shaunee to the south, Shaylin to the west, Stevie Rae to the north. Zoey and Aphrodite stay in Tulsa. Before they go though, they go back to the grotto and release Aurox's spirit into the Otherworld.

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