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Check out our episode here! (featuring Burned, Awakened and Destined) Burned by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

The beginning of Burned lets us relive the last bit of Tempted but from Kalona’s point of view. We see that he’s just snapped Heath’s neck and Zoey’s thrown her spirit at him, seriously injuring him and shattering Zoey's soul. He actually feels emotion after doing this and is upset with himself for hurting Zoey. Neferet commands that he follow Zoey to the Otherworld to make sure that she stays there. Since he's been banished from Nyx's side, he doesn't believe he can return and that's right. His body can't, but his soul can, so Neferet and her Darkness command it be done. Kalona's soul travels to the Otherworld while his lifeless body remains with Neferet in Venice.

Meanwhile, in Tulsa, Stevie Rae is recovering from being ultra sun burned by the evil red fledglings, but with the help of Rephaim's immortal blood and their imprint, she's healing quickly. Dallas, her maybe kind of boyfriend, is watching over her and kisses her when she wakes up, which makes her jerk back. She shouldn't be kissing Dallas, she's imprinted with Rephaim! But she shouldn't be imprinted with him. Lenobia and Dragon tell her of Zoey's shattering and expect her to immediately take Zoey's place and help them prepare to fight, but a strange mist shows up, telling her to find Rephaim. They decide to help each other until Zoey and/or Kalona return to their bodies. Stevie Rae sets Rephaim's broken wing again and they have nice conversations even though he's a bird monster. Maybe he's not so much a monster after all.

At the Vampyre high council, Aphrodite learns that her prophetess gifts are stronger than she realizes and she discovers the Zoey's soul is in the otherworld and that Kalona's body is trapped by Darkness with a capital D, and of course it's because of Neferet. She sent Kalona to keep Zoey's soul from returning to her body and now, with the help of Stevie Rae and Rephaim, Aphrodite knows it. They determine that Zoey needs her Warrior to go to the Otherworld to bring her back. They talk to Thanatos, a High Priestess with an affinity for death, and learn that Stark must go to the Isle of Skye and become a Shaman in order to send his soul to the Otherworld. Speaking of...

In the Otherworld, Zoey meets Heath and refuses to leave him. She doesn't want to go back to the real world. She encounters pieces of her shattered soul but doesn't want to bring them back together and because of this, she gets more and more erratic. She's agitated and afraid of what would happen if she left the safety of the Otherworld.

Aphrodite tells Stevie Rae about Stark and his need to get into the Otherworld and also about two bulls, a white bull and a black bull, one that represents Light and one Darkness, and that they might have information on how Stark can succeed in getting Zoey back. She also gets another poem from Kramisha that kind of mentions the bulls and also maybe Rephaim, so Stevie Rae casts a circle and calls the White Bull to ask it to help. Bad idea. The White Bull is actually the manifestation of Darkness. Rephaim shows up and pays the debt owed to Darkness and then she calls the Black Bull too. It binds her to Rephaim and then the bulls fight and disappear. The White Bull does tell her how Stark can get to the Otherworld, so that's pretty good I guess. Dallas shows up and takes Stevie Rae home.

Stark, Darius and Aphrodite follow the clues in Kramisha's prophetic poems and what the nerd herd learned doing lots of research and go to the isle of Skye to meet with Sgiach. Conveniently enough, Stark is part of her guardian warrior, Seoras's, bloodline which allows him passage onto her island. Seoras puts Stark into a trance and cuts him. A lot. He has to make a sacrifice of pain and then kill his shadow self to become a Shaman. That'll be easy.

The red fledglings that are not part of Stevie Rae's group are murdering people for fun, not for food, so she decides she has to take care of them. She doesn't want to kill them, but split them up and convince them to give up darkness. On the way Dallas realizes he hasd an affinity for electricity, so that's good. But when they find the rogues, they try to shoot Stevie Rae who throws up an Earth shield that ricochets the bullets all around which kills most of the rogues. After all that's cleaned up, Stevie Rae and Dallas decide this is the perfect time to almost have sex but then ...

Rephaim shows up! He is there to protect Stevie Rae because he felt her emotions through their imprint. Dallas calls Stevie Rae a whore and a liar and then they all start fighting. Dallas gives in to the Darkness surrounding him, becomes evil, completes the change and then steals Stevie Rae's car. Stevie Rae and Rephaim fly off together into the sunrise.

Stark arrives in the Otherworld and successfully conquers his shadow self, and following advice Aphrodite got in a ghost-of-Tulsa-future prophecy, he talks to Heath and convinces him that he's got to go on because if he doesn't, Zoey will stay and Neferet will take over the world. So Heath goes on and Zoey is sad and still too scared to pull herself back together. Kalona and Stark have a battle then and Kalona kills Stark. Zoey pulls herself together and hurls Kalona around with air and tells him that he owes her a life debt and that he has to bring Stark back to life. Nyx appears and agrees and makes Kalona give up a bit of his immortality to revive Stark. Nyx banishes him again, telling him that if he's ever worthy of forgiveness, he can ask her to come back, but not until then.

Back in Tulsa, Stevie Rae and Rephaim share their feelings for each other and then get a vision from Nyx showing Rephaim as a human, not a bird boy. But then Rephaim realizes that Kalona has returned to his body and has to go to him. That means Zoey is back too!

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