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Wolves and Bears are Different

In this episode, Claire and I move on to book two of our first Vampire Book Club series this year and discuss New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. We were very excited to wear our brand new Vampire Baseball tees, as you can see in this picture:

In book two of the Twilight series, Edward and his family move away from Forks and Bella is devastated. Edward says it's for Bella's own good, but he's so very, very wrong. While he's away, Bella sits in a zombiefied stupor for several months, then decides to fake being alive again and starts hanging out with her old friend, Jacob Black. They do semi-dangerous activities like motorcycle riding and hiking, but then the hiking has to stop because there's a bear in the woods. Much to everyone's surprise, it is not a bear stalking Forks, but werewolves, and Jacob soon becomes one of them! We spend a lot of time discussing the differences between bears and wolves in this episode because, if you didn't know, wolves and bears are different. You should check out our summary, read the book and listen to our episode for all the details of what actually happens in this book, you know, other than the bears and wolves thing.

Make sure you join in on our Vampire Book Club chat this month! It will take place on Tuesday, February 28 at 5:15 pm CT. Check out our book club group on Facebook for more details.

See you then!


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