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Wilder Girls

In this episode of the show, all about Wilder Girls by Rory Power and narrated by Jesse Vilinsky and Eileen Stevens, we talk about having glowing hair or bone resonating screams, fighting treemen, whether we can say we actually enjoyed this book or not and GILLS! We also got to interview Jesse Vilinsky and had a discussion with her about periods, Lord of the Flies torture and using your voice.

So let's back up to the "whether we can say we actually enjoyed this book or not" part of that intro. This is a tough book to read. It's thought-provoking. It's well done. But can you really say you liked a book about girls quarantined on an island, suffering from a contamination called The Tox that mutates their bodies or kills them? They struggle to survive with meager supplies provided to them by the Navy, waiting for a vaccine that may or may not come, but when their supplies stop coming, things quickly get worse. See, it sounds like a good book but it's not GOOD. Does that make sense? We decided that this book is not something you can really enjoy, but you can experience it. And it's a good experience.

We also were lucky enough to get to interview Jesse Vilinsky who narrated part of this audiobook. You know how we feel about audiobooks and narrators and this was another great work. Jesse taught us a little bit about using physicality to enhance your voices and it was great fun to watch this happen. You don't get to see it, but we did and it was awesome.

Here's our recording picture for this week. I wonder what exactly it is that we're thinking of... Maybe we're trying to figure out out responses to our Would You Rather questions. They were tough this time!

That's all for now!


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