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What Was Hidden Has Been Revealed

And then also Redeemed.

We're wrapping up our discussion of the House of Night series with the last three books, Hidden, Revealed and Redeemed by PC Cast and Kristin Cast in this week's episode and you don't want to miss it.

Claire and I successfully made the change into Red Vampyres as you can see by the Marks on our foreheads.

It took twelve books to do it, but we did, and so did Zoey and the rest of her Nerd Herd. They finally defeated Darkness and returned balance to Tulsa. All is peaceful now. You know, unless you pick up the spin-off series.

So I know we spent a lot time of joking about being ditzy teenagers and complaining about silly things, but we did both really enjoy the series, but more than the series, we love THE AUTHOR! PC Cast is a strong and fierce woman. She's wholesome. She's down to earth. She interacts with her fans. Ahem. SHE INTERACTS WITH HER FANS. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Be sure to listen to our episodes this week. Oops. Did I say episodes?


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