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Warm Bodies, or Amanda Swoons About Nicholas Hoult

In this episode, Claire and I talk about Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, narrated by Kevin Kenerly. We also watched the movie featuring Nicholas Hoult and Dave Franco, which heavily plays into our discussion. I counted. There are 10 times that I swooned about Nicholas Hoult during that discussion. Is that weird? Yeah, probably. But oh well.

In the book R is a zombie. He does typical zombie things like eating people and shambling, but then he eats one boy who turns his world upside down. After enjoying the brains of Perry Kelvin, R falls for Perry's former girlfriend Julie. He takes her to his home in an abandoned airport and keeps her safe from the other zombies. Their time together changes R and some of the other zombies, like his friend M. They begin to regain some of their lost humanity. But then Julie has to go back to her home in the barricaded stadium. What happens after that? Well, you'll have to read the book, listen to our episode or watch the movie to find out.

Speaking of, the movie stays pretty true to the book for the most part, except for the stuff that's just not important enough to fit in, like R having a zombie wife and zombie children gifted to him by the Boneys and like zombies meat slapping, which is important during our game of Would You Rather, but not really to the plot of the book or movie. The Boneys are important as they are the main bad guys of the book. They are zombies who have gone so far past zombie that they've become terrifying walking skeletons. They're not nice.

Here's our recording picture for this week, a snapshot of us watching the movie together. Sorry for the darkness in Claire's half, she is on the opposite side of the world and it was dark when she enjoyed her movie. We also enjoyed popcorn and Dave Franco's eyebrows.

Zombily yours,


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