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Wallpaper, Tables and Potted Plants

In this episode, Claire and I go back to our happy place... the Parasolverse... and discuss the latest installment Ambush or Adore by Gail Carriger.

This series means so much to us, but you know that from listening to past episodes (Prudence, Imprudence, Competence, Reticence, Poison or Protect, Defy or Defend, plus bonus episodes with Gail Carriger, here and here!), and this one is no different. It's a wonderful story full of love, found families, silliness and steampunk, plus an exceptional bit of fan service, especially, we think, to us. In one of those bonus episodes, we talked to Miss Gail about how Agatha, the main character in this book, hides behind a potted plant AND THAT HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK, and we talk about how my Parasolverse name is The Painted Eyebrow because I don't have eyebrows AND THAT HAPPENS TO AGATHA IN THIS BOOK. You can't tell us that we aren't responsible for those things... You just can't. We won't believe you.

So, what is this book about? This book follows Agatha, one of the characters from the Finishing School series from age ten to her mid-seventies. It's a huge span of time and so many things happen, but if you've read the rest of Miss Gail's books, you've already experienced everything, but this time, it's from the perspective of the wallpaper or the table or the potted plant, or really, Agatha.

Here's a recording picture! We just love this book so much, we were smiling the entire time.


The Painted Eyebrow, aka Amanda

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