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Victorian Villains and Zombie Apocalypse Plans

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

In our most recent episode of the podcast, we talk about Last One to Die by AND WITH Cynthia Murphy. That's right. You guessed it. There's a bonus episode this week!

We really love YA horror (I think I've finally won Claire over) and were so excited to talk about this debut. Last One to Die is about a young girl, Niamh (pronounced Neeve), who goes to London to study drama in a six week course, but those six weeks are seriously the worst ever. Girls that look like her are getting attacked and well, she's constantly in fear that she's going to be next. But who is doing the attacking? Surely it's not Spring Heeled Jack, that villain from Victorian times... is it? There's no way! He's obviously not real. So, who is it then and why do all the girls look like Niamh? Check out our summary for more details!

We had so much fun talking about this book and chatting with the author. Definitely check out our bonus episode. It's full of 90s horror, excessive Britishisms and zombie apocalypse plans wherein I am sprayed with drumstick flavored dry shampoo and sacrificed to the horde whilst everyone else is safely barricaded inside the library.

Here's a recording picture when we talked to Cynthia. We were talking about having eyeballs removed, which is surprisingly NOT an odd conversation on Fictional Hangover...

Be sure to listen to both episodes this week!


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