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Tis the Season for Another LIVE!

Ahhh! Another live episode of Fictional Hangover! I'm not going to lie... as the editor of the show, I quite enjoy a live episode because that means I DON'T HAVE TO EDIT IT. However, it also means that we have a video posted somewhere out on the internet for everyone to see, which is kind of fun but also kind of makes us want to vomit. In this episode, we celebrate the holidays and discuss the short story Dark Christmas by Jeanette Winterson. No one vomits during recording.

This story is about a group of friends who is supposed to spend Christmas in an old remote house by the sea. The first friend arrives and gets things settled before picking up their friends the next day, but the friends never show up and then creepy things happen in the house. It's a fantastic story, perfect for reading by the fire or by a sparkly, twinkly tree. Or you know, wherever you want to read it. We're not picky.

This story is part of a collection of stories written by Jeanette Winterson called Christmas Stories: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days and includes lovely, spooky, endearing short stories and also lovely, spooky, endearing nonfiction stories by the author about her life and her family, AND ALSO recipes for delicious holiday treats that the author enjoys. It's a fun holiday read and you should check it out.

Here's a picture from our live recording. You can click back to the main page of the website to watch the video in its entirety if you want to, or scroll up and click the link in the text. I think it's fun, but I could be biased.

Happy holidays, everyone! Amanda

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