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The Wicked King, Plus Some Florida

In this episode, Amber and I were sitting RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER while we recorded! I went to visit her in Florida so we could attend the Books and Music in West Palm Beach together and represent the podcast and meet some authors. It was pretty fantastic, but we ended up forgetting or being too busy to do lots of things we had intended to do. You'll hear more about the trip on next week's episode.

So this one is all about The Wicked King by Holly Black. Remember a few weeks ago when we talked about The Cruel Prince? Well, now we have the second installment of that series. Jude has made herself seneschal to High King Cardan, who is under her control for a year and a day. Jude gets into some trouble throughout this book, and even gets kidnapped UNDERWATER for a month. That can't be good. She poisons herself some more, is betrayed by someone close to her, kills someone moderately important and gets quite a bit closer to Cardan in more ways than one. Unfortunately, we now have to wait until next year to see what happens next.

We completely forgot to take a recording picture for this one, even though we made a shirt for me to wear while recording and so we could take a picture. That was an utter fail. So instead of a recording picture, here's one I took while we were out exploring.

Look how pale I am! The sun disagrees with me.

Anyway, that's probably enough for now.



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