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The Post In Which We Discuss Finishing School

Or: Amanda Talks to One of Her Favorite Authors and Does Not, In Fact, Die

In Episode 11 of Fictional Hangover, we discuss the Finishing School series by Gail Carriger. This is one that I made Amber read for the show because we take turns making each other read things. She liked it, but obviously not as much as me. I love this universe so much. I've read this series now three times this year, in amongst all the other things I've been reading.

[Side note: Did I tell you that I set a hilariously low reading goal for myself this year? I decided that I would read 30 books in 2018. That is a great goal for someone who is not doing a weekly podcast about reading books, or, you know, a normal human. I've read 67. That's not counting, like, picture books for storytime or nonfiction books or multiple rereads or those times that I sleep-listen to books. I'm not sure why I thought I wouldn't read more than 30. I must have gone crazy.]

Anyway, in this episode, we play Would You Rather with Miss Gail herself. If you don't know her for her FANTASTIC books and aren't planning on reading them (what's wrong with you?), then you should check her out for other reasons! She has a podcast about travel called 20 Minute Delay, and she has a fashion blog called Retro Rack. She's also an archaeologist! How cool is that?

Also in this episode, I am wearing a stovepipe hat and a corset because I'm pretending to be a Pickleman Dandy. Those things are from the books, but they don't necessarily go together. You should read to find out what they are. Here's our usual recording photograph, plus two more. I chose the recording one because I posed with my hat. Amber's making a silly face and she'll probably comment on it, but I'll deal with that later. I also thought I'd share a picture of me looking at a pickle and a picture of me with the paper bladed fan that I made. Sophronia has a bladed fan in book three of the series. You should read it.

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