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The Gigglefest that is Bloodlust and Bonnets

In our most recent episode, Claire and I discuss Bloodlust & Bonnets by Emily McGovern and we can't stop laughing about it. We laughed so much that we thought we'd share our entire video recording, which is not something that we usually do for people outside of our Patreon Bonus! tier, but you know, maybe this will entice you to join that so you can see our unedited video content. It's pretty good.

Bloodlust & Bonnets is a graphic novel, our first ever discussed on the show, about a young miss, Lucy, who maybe wants to join a vampire cult. Her cohorts, Byron, from books, and Sham, foil her attempts by exploding the vampire cult leader, Lady Travesty, every time they encounter her. There's also a psychic eagle, Napoleon, who might be the actual Napoleon... it's difficult to tell. Listen to or watch our episode where we discuss this excellent book! You can also read the summary if you want to.

Here's a recording image where we're laughing about something. Who knows what.

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