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That's literally all this blog post needs to be. If you know, you know.

See you next time! Amanda

Okay, not really. In this episode, we reach THE MAIN CONFLICT™ of the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead in book three, Shadow Kiss.

In Shadow Kiss, Rose begins to see ghosts and they might have a message for her that she can't quite decipher, other than the fact that they're telling her she should also be dead. Are they even there or is she just losing her mind? Hard to say really. That's not all she has to worry about, even though that's a lot! She's also dealing with guarding Christian instead of Lissa (what?!) and the upcoming trial of Victor Dashkov. Remember when he tortured Lissa back in book one and made his daughter turn Strigoi? Yeah, he's finally being judged for that by the Moroi Vampire Queen, Tatiana. What if he's found not guilty? Even worse, what if he tells everyone Rose and Dimitri's secret?! That would be bad. And speaking of secret love... just what exactly happens in the cabin scene? Is it the best part? What about THE MAIN CONFLICT™? Oh friends... You really need to read the book or listen to the podcast to find out. You can also read our full summary here, but the book is better!

Here's a picture of us as we're beginning our episode. We have fangs! But we had to take them out because they altered our speech (and make my snaggle tooth look WAY WORSE).

Remember that you can join our Patreon Bonus! tier to watch our unedited episode videos. You can also join in on our Vampire Academy discussions during our monthly Zoom book club meetings. They're the last Monday of the month at 3:00 pm PT / 11:00 pm GMT. Yeah... we know the time sucks, but it's the best we can do when we live on opposite sides of the globe.

See you next time, really this time! Amanda

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