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MORE VAMPIRE BOOKS! In our most recent episode, we talk about Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris! Like last year's discussions of Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, we're going to be talking about the Sookie Stackhouse books all year long and discussing them in our Vampire Book Club. If you don't already take part in Vampire Book Club, you should! The last Tuesday of each month at 5:15 pm CT, Fictional Hangover hosts a book club on Zoom and we want you to join in! Check out our Facebook Book Club events or message us for more details and a link to the Zoom.

We're also sharing the videos that we make for these books BEFORE the episode is released so you can catch up before the meetings, but in order to watch them, you have to join ANY TIER of our Patreon. That's right! Even $1 patrons get to watch our videos, which normally only the Bonus! tier has access to! Check out our Patreon today!

Now, on to this book! Dead Until Dark is about Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress at a small-town bar who meets and falls in love with a vampire. Unfortunately that's not the most exciting thing happening in Bon Temps, Louisiana... there is also a series of grisly murders and it looks like Sookie's brother, Jason, is responsible. But there's no way! Sookie knows her brother would never hurt anyone and now she's got to use her telepathy to find out who the real killer is before it's too late! Listen to our episode, read the book and check out our summary for full details!

I love this book series so much. The first book is very similar to its TV show counterpart, True Blood, even down to the fact that each chapter corresponds to an episode of the show. There are 12 chapters and 12 episodes! It's perfect! There are a few differences, but if you watched True Blood, you've got a pretty good idea of what happened in book one, with the exception of the addition or subtraction of a certain hunk of, hunk of burnin' vampire, Bubba. Bubba is featured in the books but not in the show, which... Ain't That a Shame? It's got me All Shook Up, that's for sure. (IYKYK)

Check out this recording picture. We're being silly and showing off our vampire fangs and probably saying, "SOOKIE IS MINE!" like we did at least 10 times throughout the episode. Watch or listen and count to tell us how many times we said it.

Until next time!


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