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Something the Matter, Duckie?

No, nothing's the matter, even though our recording picture may make you think otherwise.

We had so much fun recording this episode of the podcast all about The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer, audiobook narrated by Katherine Kellgren. In our picture you can see us cracking up after pretending to be one of the characters in the book that was perfectly narrated by the late Kellgren. This giggle fit lasted for a good five minutes and if you are interested in watching it, you can join our Patreon Bonus! tier. All Bonus! tier members get access to video recordings of our episodes in addition to a bunch of other fun stuff. But enough about Patreon.

This episode is about the first book in the Enola Holmes series. We decided to read this one because it was just made into a movie on Netflix. (We're watching that with you using Teleparty on Sunday. Follow this link for more details.) Since it just became a movie, we thought we'd share what happens in the book so you can enjoy the differences between the two. The plot of the book is quite different than the plot of the movie, although the bones are still the same. In both, Enola's mother goes missing and she sets off to find her, but ends up rescuing a viscount instead. The book focuses mainly on Enola's plans to find her mother, but when she overhears that a local boy has been kidnapped, she takes a break from seeking out her mother to find the boy. Realizing that he's not been kidnapped, but instead has run away, she sets her course back to finding her mother in London. Upon arrival, Enola is kidnapped and who should she be kidnapped with but the kidnapped-not-kidnapped viscount! They escape and go their separate ways, and Enola goes back to searching for her mother. It's a cute and funny book and a quick read. Go read it now before watching the movie with us!

Catch you later, Duckie!


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