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Percy Jackson and the Superfan Part One

Oh what a lovely discussion we had in this episode! Superfan Constance joined in our discussion of the first three books of the Percy Jackson series, The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters and The Titan's Curse, by Rick Riordan. Sit tight friends, it's a looonnnnggg episode, but so worth it.

Everybody knows about Percy Jackson, right? (If not, you can read our summaries here, here and here.) Demigod, son of Poseidon, has to save Olympus? Yeah. If you watched the movies, you understand at least a little bit of what the series is about, even if the movies were not good. We talked about the movies some in our almost three hour long episode, and we talked about the audiobook, and we talked about our favorite parts and played Would You Rather, just like we always do, but it was so nice doing all those things with our Superfan!

Here's a picture from our recording. I don't remember what we were talking about at the time, but it must have been silly and/or adorable.

You can join in our discussions, too, if you join our Patreon, or probably even if you ask nicely, but join our Patreon, okay?

Catch you later!


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