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One and a Half Emotions

In this episode of the show, Claire and I discuss The King of Crows, the last book in The Diviners series by Libba Bray and narrated by our favorite January LaVoy. AND I HAD EMOTIONS (while reading, not while recording), REAL GENUINE EMOTIONS. ONE AND A HALF OF THEM.

Literally, guys, I cried. I don't want to tell you why since the book is still so new, but if you have read the book or listened to the episode, you know why. The story is wrapped up so nicely, no loose ends, maybe a little bit of a lead in to a distant sequel, but not necessarily. It's just delightful.

Our group of Diviners finally meet the King of Crows and defeat him. But I won't tell you how or what happens along the way. I mean, you had to know that they would defeat him, right? They've beaten every other bad guy along the way, so they'd have to take care of the King, right? But how do they do it? And do they do it by themselves? You'll have to read or listen to find out!

Here's a picture of us to go along with this episode. Mine is not from our recording day because I was in a different book character cosplay at the time and it wasn't a fitting image. But look at my hat! It's a straw boater just like Henry wears! And I have a crow! AM I THE KING OF CROWS? Not yet!

Do you know what else happened this week? We reached 15000 listens to the show! That's huge! Thanks so much, listeners! We appreciate you! If you would be so kind, please leave a review of the show somewhere, like wherever you listen to our episodes or on social media! Share us with your book-loving friends! We'll love you forever if you do!

That's all for now.


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