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Mystical Sounding Fuckinggoddamnedsonofabitch

My gosh do we love Vampire Academy... We're on to book four now, Blood Promise, and seriously, it's getting so good. In this episode, we talk a bit about the audiobook as it has switched back to the original narrator and there have been some mystical sounding additions thrown in, which were jarring at first, but we ended up enjoying. We talk about how selfish with think Lissa is and how we also have some issues with her new friend, Avery. Adrian though? He's still great. We also talk about how much we love, spoiler alert, Strigoi Dimitri. Finally, we talk about Victor Dashkov being a fuckinggoddamnedsonofabitch because he just is, deal with it.

So what happens in this one?

Rose has traveled to Russia to find and kill Strigoi Dimitri, leaving her best friend Lissa back in Montana. The book shifts every now and then between what Rose is up to in Russia and what Lissa is up to in Montana. Good thing Rose has the ability to look inside Lissa's mind or we might never think about her again, especially after how angry we got at her actions in the end of book three. Know that she made a new friend and she's not good. Not good at all. Anyway, it takes Rose a bit of time to locate Dimitri and she kills a bunch of other Strigoi along the way. She meets a girl called Sydney who is an Alchemist, a human that knows about the vampiric world and covers it up. Sydney has been following Rose around, dissolving all the Strigoi bodies she leaves lying around in alleyways and she's not happy about it. She ends up taking Rose where she needs to go, though, the small town in Russia where Dimitri grew up. She meets Dimitri's family and tells them that he's a Strigoi now. She almost decides to stay with them forever after that because they're so nice to her, but then Dimitri's grandma kicks her out for being a failure. She knows that Rose came with a mission, to kill her Strigoi grandson, and she's failed. This spurs Rose into action, so she goes out searching for Strigoi Dimitri again. And she finds him. What happens next though is up to you to read and discover on your own. Or listen. Or listen to us. Or read our summary. You know, whatever you choose.

Here's a recoding picture of us this week. Or a couple. We made a lot of faces in this one, which is not abnormal.

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Until next time!


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