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This week, we're covering a book that fits our monthly theme The Zombie Apocalypse: Read a book featuring zombies of any kind. Uhhhhhnnnnn... BRAINS! We chose to discuss Eat Your Heart Out by Kelly deVos and, well, we love her now, which is why you'll see our hashtag title #ManifestingKellydeVos. We need to talk to her, but are willing to save it until October for our vampire theme we'll have for that month because she just had one of those books come out. You know you're not shocked that we're reading EVEN MORE VAMPIRE BOOKS. Once again we need your help, so find her on social media and tell her to talk to us!

Anyway, back to Zombies... This book is about a group of teens that are forced to go to a fat camp, yes, a fat camp, but while there, they're not exercising and eating right... they're turning into and/or running from and/or destroying zombies! Camp Featherlite was created by FannonPharma, a company that says they've cured obesity with a simple snack bar! The campers that eat the bar lose the weight, but also... lose their lives and become flesh eating zombies. I don't think anyone should suffer that fate, do you? Read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode for all the grisly details! This book resonated differently for each of us, so you should really check out our episode and tell us what you think.

Here's a recording picture of us for this week. We were trying to high five, but it took us a few tries. We kind of got there eventually.

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