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In this episode of the show, we discuss Poison or Protect by Gail Carriger. Poison or Protect is a Delightfully Deadly novella that visits characters featured in Miss Gail's Finishing School series, but now, they're all grown up.

The first novella in this new series is all about Preshea Buss, one of the side characters from Finishing School that you kind of hate in that series. I mean, you hate her because she's terrible, but you also love her because she's terrible. Does that make sense? Well, whether it does or not does not matter because now Preshea is Lady Villentia, the Mourning Star and she has successfully murdered four husbands (that was always her dream while she was in school, husband murder). She's now on assignment from Lord Akeldama to protect a duke and also on assignment from the duke to keep his daughter from marrying a buffoon. She spends two weeks at the duke's estate at a house party and while there, meets a strapping Scottish gentleman who is indeed gentle. Gavin Ruthven is also on assignment to protect the duke from, he thinks, Preshea, until the duke is shot at by a gunman while they're all on a horseback ride together. Preshea and Gavin work well together ... in more ways than one! We really enjoyed this novella and can't wait for more!

Here's a picture of us from this week, but not during our recording. Claire FINALLY got the care package I sent to her that included a Fictional Hangover mug, so we had to take... ahem... mugshots to share with each other.

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Okay, that's all for today. Got to go make more designs for our shop so you can buy them and give us money!


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