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Horror In the Horrorstör or Welcome to Season Three!

Welcome to the first blog post of Season Three of Fictional Hangover! Aren't you so excited? I am. Before I start gushing about beginning this third year of podcasting, let me talk about our first episode where we discuss Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix.

Horrorstör is a fantastically gruesome horror story about a store eerily and purposefully reminiscent of an IKEA. (Don't you love IKEA, by the way? And their meatballs?) Anyway, in Horrorstör, three, which later becomes five employees of the flat-pack furniture store ORSK are in the store overnight. The original three, Amy, Ruth Anne and their manager, Basil, are on a stake out in hopes of catching a culprit who has been vandalizing the store before corporate comes to fire them all. While they're there, they encounter two other employees, Matt and Trinity, who have decided to film a pilot to their ghost hunting show Ghost Bomb in the store because they believe it to be haunted as it was built on the grounds of a nineteenth century penitentiary. There is someone else in the store as well, a homeless man named Carl. Surely he's been the one vandalizing the store, right? So let's call the cops and go home. Oh wait. Before the cops come, let's have lots of terrifying stuff happen first! Ready? GO!

I don't want to tell you anything else about Horrorstör because you really should read it or listen to it and also listen to our episode all about it. Here's our recording picture where we've both been grossed out by massive amounts of snot. Yeah, that's part of the story, too.

Now for me talking about the beginning of season three.

I really never thought I'd make it this far. Two full years of podcasting and starting a third. The first year was kind of rough, I'm not going to lie. Of course it always starts out rough. The first episodes of any podcast are, more often than not, complete shit. But the rest of the year was pretty rocky as well. We finally got into a nice stride, but then, during the last couple of months of season one, I realized that my cohost was drifting. She clearly wasn't into it anymore but I so was, and then she decided she wanted out. I freaked. But I was lucky enough to have a superfan that was always lurking around in the shadows of the internet. I contacted Claire and she was immediately on board and we haven't looked back. Season two just flew by in a whirlwind of hilarity, so many interviews with awesome authors and voice actors, and many, many bad photographs and videos and I loved every minute of it. But what about now?

Season three does not bring with it a change of cohost, thank freaking goodness, but it does bring some new things. A Patreon account! A Ko-Fi account! More merchandise! More live episodes! More videos! More content available on our website! More! More! More! We're excited about everything coming up and we hope you are, too. Do you have a favorite moment from season one or season two? Tell me about it! Sometimes I need to be reminded that other people enjoy what we do as much as I do.

Please tell me great things.


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