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Horror Hotel

Horror Hotel by Victoria Fulton and Faith McClaren

In a post on Eileen Warren's blog all those who wander titled Lost in La-La Land, Eileen writes how LA is the craziest yet saddest place she’s ever been. She’s convinced the Hearst Hotel where she is staying is alive - she sees things out of the corner of her eye, hears whispers and her brain is constantly buzzing. She’s tired and wants to be normal, to have friends, a boyfriend, and a brain that doesn't see things that aren't there. Elieen also wrote, “i came to LA to find myself, but somehow i'm more lost than ever. this hotel is hungry. i hope it doesn't swallow me whole.” This post occurred two days before Eileen’s body was found in an elevator shaft at the Hearst Hotel.

Chase, Chrissy, Kiki and Emma are the YouTube ghost hunters. They have The Ghost Code for when they are investigating haunted locations, which is a set of rules punishable by Chase having really strong words with you which is possibly worse than death. The rules are:

1. Use the buddy system!

2. The majority rules.

3. Phones on airplane mode at all times.

4. Do not provoke or torment the spirit world.

5. Never give personal info while talking to spirits.

6. Thank the spirits and tell them they cannot come home with you.

7. If an entity follows you home, let the group know immediately.

Like the little kid in The Sixth Sense, Chrissy can see dead people. When she was little, a shadowy man would stand in her bedroom doorway. Not long after he appeared, her mom started making regular trips to the hospital for cancer treatment. Eventually Chrissy asked what he wanted and he moved until he was right in front of her five-year old face - he had no eyes, no mouth, no nose. She passed out from her scream and woke up the next morning to find out her mom had died. From that point on, spirits won’t stop bugging her with their unfinished business and she can read the minds of the living. Chrissy’s dad didn’t believe her and dismissed her, but nothing she tries keeps the spirits away. It wasn’t until she met Chase that finally someone believed that she could communicate with the dead.

Chase, the cute film nerd, was assigned as Chrissy’s partner for a film class project. He noticed light and orbs plaguing the footage of Chrissy and had seen enough paranormal programs with his mom to ask Chrissy about her “gift.” One interview on his YouTube channel later, there was an overnight spike in subscribers, and with bestie Emma to help out, Ghost Girl was born. A few months and several thousand subscribers later, Chase brought in TikTok famous Kiki for a reading. The number of subscribers jumped to fifty thousand and Kiki joined the show full time. The Ghost Gang was born.

The Ghost Gang are hanging in Chase’s family’s pool house while he finishes editing their latest video. Kiki, however, is reading comments (you don’t read comments!) and is upset by one in particular, “if i kill u will u stay with me forever?” made by hauntedbyher666. It’s not the first time they’ve had creepy comments by this user, but it’s still uncomfortable and they always report him, though he keeps coming back. They’re not going to let an internet troll stop them from finalizing plans for tomorrow which should tip their channel to over one million subs. They are planning to drive from Las Vegas to one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in LA, on Halloween weekend, to the most haunted hotel in America, the Hearst Hotel. All without parental permission!

The Hearst Hotel isn’t your typical haunted hotel, it is the site of the most famous internet mystery that has ever taken place - it was where Eileen Warren died nearly ten-years ago. The remains of twenty-five year old grad student Eileen were found in an elevator shaft after she went missing the week prior. Footage of Eileen was released during the investigation showing erratic behavior which has made people question her “accidental” death. Chrissy believes, from her own experiences, that Eileen was likely more psychic than psychotic. As the Gang go about doing their own thing, Chrissy sees a faceless shadowy figure in the doorway. 🎶He’s back🎶

Chase desperately wants that sweet, sweet million subscribers. It will open so many doors and show his dad it’s not some “Scooby-Doo gang nonsense” he does since he doesn’t have dude-bro friends. Chase isn’t bothered about his lack of dude-bro friends as guys can be friends with girls, though, full disclosure, he does have a serious crush on Chrissy. The next morning, Emma and Chrissy are waiting for Chase on his drive since he’s “borrowing” his mom’s car for the drive. Kiki, as usual, is late, and to pass the time, they argue over playlist rights for the journey. Eventually they set off on the four hour drive to LA, but an hour out of Vegas, Chase admits he booked them into a hostel room in the Hearst. So they’ll be sharing a room with ghosts and strangers. Great, just great!

As they drive through LA, being surrounded by all the people is intense for Chrissy but she’s okay, just feeling heavy. Soon they pull up to the Hearst Hotel, Chrissy whispers that she can feel it. It’s alive and it’s ready to meet them. Emma is pragmatic, she approaches hauntings with a heavy dose of skepticism; she likes data, she likes science and logic, but the Hearst feels unexplainable. As they enter, Chase films Chrissy on his camera phone and it’s already picture-perfect. Inside the hotel, the lobby is ornate but shabby. Objectively it’s beautiful but its soul is rotting. While Chase goes to the front desk to check in, Emma notices Chrissy looking pale and sweaty. Chrissy says that the dead aren’t the only problem around here.

At the front desk, Chase is dealing with Steve who’s got beady eyes, and looks greasy. His mom, Linda, who has discolored teeth and a bad attitude, approaches Chase, too. Serious Bates family vibes come off these two. With an ominous warning to prepare for rolling blackouts, Steve hands over four keys for room 421. As they head to their floor, Chase notes that Chrissy is moving painfully slow. She's having a psychic attack and she warns that Steve and Linda’s auras are black.

As they head to the elevator, Chrissy can see nightmares everywhere, a hundred years of death all at once. When the elevator doors open blood and brain matter drip down covering Kiki, Emma and Chase, but it’s not real and only Chrissy can see it. The hotel wants them to go away. The hotel wants them to stay and play. Suddenly, Chrissy senses someone with them. Is it Eileen? When the elevator stops at their floor, Chrissy vomits.

The communal bathroom Emma takes Chrissy to is vile, but when you've just vomited… what are you gonna do? While Emma grabs a paper towel, Chrissy sees movement in the next stall and hears a moan. A girl is in there and Chrissy sees the recreation of how she died from an overdose. The girl reaches for her and she whispers close to her ear “you’ll die too.” When Emma comes back, she gives Chrissy her green beanie to wear on top of the one she's already wearing to help cut out more of the noise bombarding her. If one hat dulls some of the noise, two are even better. Meanwhile in the room, Kiki is seriously unimpressed. Frankly, it’s disgusting and there is a stranger sharing the space with them! Once Chrissy and Emma come in, they decide to grab a nap since they’ll be up all night. Emma scoots over so Kiki can share her bed.

Chrissy can’t sleep. She sees an image of someone with a bloody knife, an open door… and then the door to their room opens. It’s their roommate and amazingly Chrissy can’t read his mind, it’s like static and he smells like sunshine. With a lovely Australian accent, their roommate introduces himself as Bram Kelly and invites Chrissy down the block for pizza. It’s breaking The Ghost Code to split the group but Chrissy's empty stomach shouts ‘yes please!’ and she wants to keep experiencing the soothing static. Getting the name of the pizza place, and promising herself she’ll text the Gang the details, Chrissy decides to go with Bram.

As they eat pizza, Chrissy gets a painful feeling of needles in her brain as Bram tells her how he lost his mother in a car accident during a storm. Touching his hand in sympathy, they both feel a jolt and suddenly Bram knows Chrissy lost her mom to cancer. He’s psychic too! Chrissy explains the relief she feels at not being able to read him and tells him about The Ghost Gang. Bram explains he is getting jobs with registered PIs to pay for his travels and he’s currently looking into the hotel’s management. As they eat, a girl sits next to them. She looks all beaten up, but she disappears before Chrissy can say anything to her. It was a ghost.

Back in the hotel, Chase, Kiki and Emma are rudely woken up by the alarm clock. They notice Chrissy isn’t in the room and Chase instantly starts to freak out which makes Kiki nervous. Emma is trying to be reasonable about the situation when Chrissy and Bram walk in and Chrissy is holding a Boba tea, how dare she get Boba and not ask the group! Chase instantly hates Bram with his surfer good looks and exotic accent, and he also gives Chrissy an earful for not telling them where she was and who she was with. Chrissy has had enough with Chase bossing her around and giving her attitude and declares that tonight she is in charge because the hotel means business. It’s time to start filming.

Emma sets a camera on top of a vending machine looking down the hall to a vestibule and another atop the bathroom door. They are worth a lot of money and she hopes, given the neighborhood and living hotel residents, they stay where they are. During setup, Emma tells Chase to say something to Chrissy if he like-likes her, but Emma should take her own advice with Kiki. Meanwhile Kiki has been using her own mystical powers of charm and persuasion and has gotten intel on the hotel and most importantly, the security guy who is writing a screenplay and therefore not paying any attention to the security cameras. Chrissy is getting ready in the bathroom and sees a body swinging from the pipes who was scalded by hot water while they suffocated, which gives Kiki the creeps. Good thing Kiki can’t see the faceless figure standing beside her while she applies a fresh coat of lipstick.

It’s time to shoot and straight away they get B roll gold. Outside the elevator, Chase starts setting the scene about the notorious eighties Streetstalker serial killer, Walter Ritter, before Chrissy steps into the frame. Chrissy talks about Eileen and together they build a picture about Eileen Warren and ask if she was psychic or on the brink of a mental collapse. They aim to find out tonight. Once they cut, they don’t want to go into the elevator but can’t put it off forever, so Kiki presses the button. Together they head to floor 14 when the elevator stops and the lights go out. Even though it’s just the rolling blackouts, it’s still scary as hell.

Thankfully nothing happens and the power comes back on. They notice Steve is on floor 14 but guerilla tactics and Kiki’s super power of distraction keep him from seeing the cameras. They head to room 1413. Taking their ghost hunting equipment out, they start filming again in the hallway. Chase and Chrissy give more information about Ritter and his association with room 1413. As Chase talks, the EMF reader goes crazy. Chrissy doesn’t need the EMF reader to know Ritter is with them since she can see him beckoning them into room 1413.

Kiki uses her master key obtained from the neglectful security guard and opens the room. They don’t turn the lights on straight away as they want to get baseline readings with the equipment first. To the camera, they explain that Ritter stayed in this room during his killing spree and killed himself in the closet rather than be arrested, and Eileen Warren supposedly spent her last moments in this room. Room 1413 is no longer rented out and they don’t let ghost hunting crews in anymore, so why does it stink of bleach? Chrissy turns on a flashlight and in the beam is the body of the housekeeper, whose name tag says Anna, but this is no ghost as everyone can see her. Chase flicks on the main light and Kiki notices he is still recording. Chrissy is sure it was Ritter who wanted them to come into the room, but could a ghost have done this? Could it have been someone else? Out of the corner of her eye, Chrissy sees Anna relive her death and overhears Chase’s thoughts that they can solve this murder.

To Kiki’s horror, they examine the body. Ghost hunting is one thing, but a dead body is something else. Kiki wants to call the police, but Chase puts a stop to that. If the police come their parents get called and that’s the end of The Ghost Gang. Chrissy wants to give Anna justice, more than what Eileen got, and eventually Kiki is persuaded to help. They crack out a device that acts as a ghost translator, figuring that as Anna died recently, she may be more communicative. Trying to build trust with Anna’s spirit, Chrissy tells her she’s scared too, scared about her “nightmares.” Chase knows it’s not a dream Chrissy is scared of and that she’s breaking another Ghost Code. Chrissy is telling a true story from when her mother died. Emma, looking at the translator, encourages Chrissy to go on because she’s getting responses, but Chase is worried it’s not Anna talking to them. Emma reads out the responses. Kill. Kill. Kill. Chrissy asks, "who killed you, Anna?" but the response is, "Not. Anna. Kill. You."

The communication session ends immediately and Chrissy is annoyed with herself, she should have known it wasn’t Anna talking to them. Back in their room, Kiki starts getting nervous hiccups and Emma is stuffing Cheez-Its in her mouth. They realize they need to call someone and decide to ask management to check everything out, agreeing that if Linda or Steve don’t call the cops, they will. Only the threat of a shit review on Trip Advisor gets Linda to move her ass. While Emma escorts Kiki to the bathroom, Chase and Chrissy are left alone which lets Chase talk to Chrissy about giving the ghost a true story, but unfortunately a text from Bram interrupts them, then Emma and Kiki come back. Kiki calls the front desk to make sure they went to room 1413 and Linda snappishly tells her there was nothing there and to stop taking ‘shrooms before hanging up. Bram comes in then and Chrissy decides to tell him they found something. Bram finishes, saying it was a body in room 1413, and Chase realizes Bram is psychic. He hates him even more now.

Bram tells them he’s investigating management because Eileen’s family believes there was something suspicious about them during the investigation into Eileen’s death. Could Steve and Linda have moved Anna’s body? Yuck. They democratically decide to look for Anna’s body, so Chase, Kiki and Emma will go back up to room 1413 while Chrissy and Bram will go to the lobby and scope out Steve and Linda.

Floor fourteen is even creepier knowing there was a body there moments ago. Chase, Kiki and Emma have got the EMF reader out but nothing is happening. They can see where the body was, but there is nothing else. Kiki looks inside the closet Ritter killed himself in with Emma and Chase following with the EMF reader which starts to go crazy. Inside, scratched on the wall, they find a message, Welcome to Hotel Hell 1313 1313 1313 1313 1313. It’s painted in blood in a pentagram pattern. Actually, it’s not blood, it’s corn syrup and cocoa - yum! This was done by a living person and that person is messing with them.

In the lobby, Chrissy takes the beanies off to get an unrestricted read of Steve and Linda while they wait for one of them to arrive. Eventually Linda does and is unimpressed and uninterested in the pair. As Bram tries to unsuccessfully reason with Linda, Chrissy gets a vision of broken glass, of Linda enraged and a man, likely Steve, cowering before her. Fear, agitation and malice pour off Linda. Suddenly the elevator dings and the ghost of a bloody bellhop steps out, throws a threatening glare at Chrissy and disappears. Once Chrissy and Bram walk away from the front desk, they compare notes: Bram saw Linda arguing with Anna, Chrissy picked up on criminal activity the hotel is a front for, and she mentioned Eileen’s name but no more. As they’re talking, Chrissy receives a picture from Chase of the closet graffiti. They head back up to their floor in the elevator. When it stops this time it’s raining blood from what is left of Eileen’s body.

Back in their room, Chase is going to compare the footage of room 1413 they just took from when they found Anna’s body. Needing a break, Kiki and Emma go looking for the ice machine in the vestibule. As Emma battles the drink machine, Kiki fills up the ice bucket with bloody ice. Emma pulls the door of the ice machine and a sinewy arm falls out. The ice machine makes a noise and starts making fresh ice with the blood draining from the body of Steve stuffed inside and spits out cubes into bloody puddles on the floor. Emma calls Chase and tells him to get there, now!

As Kiki has a justifiable freak out, Chase and Emma examine the scene. Steve must have been killed there, there is too much blood for him to have been moved. As Chase is giving his conclusions, that Steve was hit on the head and his throat slashed, the elevator down the hall dings. They scramble to hide the scene when Chrissy and Bram walk in on them. Together they decide to move the body.

Steve is stowed in a bathroom stall before they head back to their room to share information. Chase argues that they need to get things on camera, which has the side benefit of more subscriptions! Mid-Cheeto, Emma remembers the cameras set up in the hall and she dashes out to get them. Moments later she comes back and declares they’re gone. Chase points out that cameras are replaceable, but what about the footage? Well, Emma did not set them to automatically upload to the cloud. Ugggh, they’ve got nothing. Bram offers to help by contacting his boss and steps out to make the call. Chase takes the Bram-less opportunity to tell Chrissy he went through Bram’s stuff earlier and found his name isn’t Bram Kelly and hands her his passport, with the name registered as Roy Walker. And? It could be a fake to protect his identity or he might want a fresh start with a new name (Chrissy is blatantly stretching here). Chrissy blows up at Chase because she's finally found someone who makes her feel less like a freak and he’s jealous. It gets pretty intense so Emma and Kiki make a swift exit. Chrissy follows moments later.

Kiki follows Emma to the elevator and they have their own exchange. Emma obviously likes Kiki more than Kiki realized but it’s really bad timing with all the murders and stuff. While Emma heads downstairs to look for their cameras, Kiki is going to use her mystical powers of persuasion to try and get security footage so they have something. Chrissy on the other hand heads down to the next floor by the stairwell passing a dead man in pajama pants standing on a landing. Exiting on another floor, the elevator doors open but the carriage is empty, though it feels like someone is holding the elevator door open for her. Blinking quickly, Chrissy sees a figure in a wet, old-fashioned dress with a muddy hem with black holes in her head. The figure gives Chrissy a twisted smile before the doors close.

It’s 3 am now and Chase is stewing over his fight with Chrissy so he heads to the front desk, intending on doing some snooping. Linda is off breaking up a fight so he sneaks in her office and opens her laptop, but it’s password protected. Digging around in case the password is conveniently written down somewhere or there are other clues, Chase finds an old copy of The Shining and a Post-it with redrum20031 written on it. Jackpot. Logged onto the laptop, Chase starts rooting around but the computer is just as disorganized as the office. He then hears footsteps approaching and needs to find a place to hide.

Kiki is working her magic with the security guard, well, he’s been distractedly talking about his screenplay for the last 10 minutes and she’s bored senseless. If only he would go and print it off and leave her with the security footage. At last, it works. Phew. Kiki can see Emma riding in the elevator, but now she must find the tape with the footage they need. Emma meanwhile is heading back up to floor four after checking the dumpsters for the cameras.

Chase is still stuck in the office, hiding behind the curtains recording the conversation Linda is having about money and keeping the goods until sunrise. Unfortunately she’s not said anything concrete and doesn’t leave the room after hanging up. Nope, she relaxes in her chair and lights up a joint. Just great.

Chrissy gets a text from Bram about where she is but she doesn’t reply as something in the corner of her eye has caught her attention. She sees a girl around her age wearing a T-shirt saying SUMMER showing signs of being tied up and strangled. She keeps flashing in and out until Chrissy removes her beanies so the spirit signal is stronger. She feels the words, "follow me." While this is happening, Kiki is frustrated by the poor security camera coverage. In the group chat, Chase begs for help to escape Linda’s office, so Kiki shoots off.

Emma can smell brownies and beer coming from a room where they seem to be having a party and she is hangry so she follows her growling stomach. A cute girl pours Emma a rum and Coke and explains that this is the “crazy chicks” floor and her friend is using tarot cards to try and contact the spirit world, indicating a stoned guy at the table under a disco ball. The guy invites her to cut the deck. Meanwhile, Kiki, who can get anyone to like her, keeps tapping the front desk bell waiting for Linda, and finally she emerges in all her grumpy, weed-stinking glory from the office. Kiki spots Chase sneak out as she asks for a towel.

As she still has rum and Coke left in her cup, Emma lets the guy do a reading. The first card is flipped, The Fool, then Ten of Swords, lastly The Hanged Man. Not a great spread. Meanwhile Chrissy is following the summer shirt ghost up the stairs when she smells the ocean coming off another ghost, a girl in a polka dot bathing suit. Chrissy knows their deaths are connected, but she doesn’t know how. Pausing only to check her buzzing phone and reply to Bram, Chrissy follows the ghost up the stairs. Chase, however, is looking at his shoes, he loves these shoes and now there is a murdered man’s blood on them. Chase and Kiki are back in their room and are talking about crushes and what he found in Linda’s office. Kiki declares it’s time to get the gang back together and pulls out her phone.

Unimpressed by her reading, Emma leaves the party to continue her search for the missing cameras. She uses the master key to access the other rooms on the floor. While she is checking under the bed of an occupied room, she gets a text from Kiki on the group chat just as a bra lands on her head calling for them to regroup. Before she responds, Emma spots a supply closet, and taking a closer look by the light of her phone, she finds their cameras in a bag smeared with blood. Before she can leave, Emma is hit from behind and sent further into the closet, her phone goes flying and a heavy-soled shoe stomps down on her hand.

Chrissy is at the top of the stairwell, at floor fourteen. Summer Shirt and Polka Dot are both there. Summer Shirt motions for Chrissy to go up the fire escape. Suddenly the whole floor goes cold and the electricity cuts out again. Behind her, the elevator dings and the doors open, and standing there is Eileen Warren. Not Eileen in death, but Eileen in life. Eileen looks at Chrissy and Chrissy can read her confusing thoughts. The door to room 1413 starts opening and closing, opening and closing, and Chrissy can hear screaming and so she starts screaming. It’s so loud it rattles her soul and then the lights flicker and she sees the faces of the dead girls until the power comes back on. The dead girls wait for Chrissy to join them on the fire escape, so she climbs through the window before continuing to the roof. When she reaches the top, the ghost girls leave her so she scours the roof, finding nothing. All this time, Chrissy’s phone has been buzzing with Bram trying to get in touch. Finally Chrissy answers and tells Bram she is on the roof, so now he’s on the way up. When Bram reaches the roof, Chrissy admits that Chase looked at his passport and saw a different name, but Bram gives an excuse about security then says he doesn’t like the competition with Chase. Ohhh…

Kiki and Chase are worried they can’t get ahold of either Emma or Chrissy so he resorts to the Find My Friend app he illicitly set up. Heading to floor four where Emma’s phone is pinging, they struggle to find her until Kiki spots a utility cupboard and blood pooling from under the door. Inside, Emma is slumped, her heart still beating but faintly as a knife is sticking out from her lower back. Weakly, Emma asks where Chrissy is and says she saw *him,* not Linda. Chase tells Kiki to call the police now as he runs off.

On the roof, Chrissy sees Chase is calling but Bram cancels the call and draws Chrissy closer until they kiss. Suddenly Chrissy sees memories flood into her mind: Bram’s arm outstretched to a familiar girl lying in the grass, the dead girl in the pizza parlor. Then another of Bram's knuckles and an unmoving girl in a polka dot bathing suit. Chrissy is looking through Bram’s eyes as his hands close around the neck of the girl wearing the summer shirt she followed up to the roof. Chrissy shoves Bram away and an evil grin spreads across his face before he stomps down on Chrissy’s ringing phone and throws it from the rooftop. No more interruptions.

Chase is following the ping of Chrissy’s phone on the app, but it drops off. He’s in the stairwell climbing up, so he keeps going.

Bram has Chrissy by the neck as she struggles to escape. He calls her Ghost Girl and, in a mocking voice says, “if I kill you will you stay with me forever?” It’s him, the internet troll! Chrissy realizes how broken Bram is and calls him an unremarkable psychopath (burn!), but he argues that he sets the girls free (nope, definitely psycho). Chrissy says the girls aren’t free and realizes as he throws her on to the ground, he can't see the ghost girls. As he holds Chrissy down, she can feel his pleasure and hear the ghost girls around her. Chrissy knees Bram in the balls, and as she stands up to face him, the ghost girls show their faces.

Meanwhile, Kiki is sitting with Emma. She can hear the sirens coming. Kiki needs Emma to come out of this alive so she can kiss her. From the ghost girls, Chrissy learns that Bram is lonely and no one is there to pull him back: Summer Shirt thought he was her boyfriend and they were going to reenact the sleeveless white unbuttoned button down shirt meadow from Twilight. He killed her instead. Polka Dot was taking surf lessons with him, Pizza Parlor’s trachea collapsed, another was a waitress and an aspiring dancer. Bram wants Chrissy to see his victims, to know he isn’t always alone. He calls them "his girls” and claims they brought Chrissy up to the roof for him. Chrissy, however, doesn't believe that.

Bram wants Chrissy to feel isolated and alone but she doesn't as a gentle voice whispers through her head. Looking down, someone presses a signet ring into Chrissy’s hand. Eileen Warren stands next to Chrissy and she can feel the power coming off Eileen, feeding her own. Bram tries to taunt Chrissy, pointing out the sirens probably aren’t for him since Emma is bleeding out somewhere, and besides he didn’t expect to get out of this, he just wants the answer to one question: If I kill you, will you always be with me?

Chrissy tells Bram there are five girls, but what she doesn’t tell him is that each of the five girls is pissed off because they now realize their deaths were not their fault, but his. As he talks about Anna, his latest victim, the ghosts grow stronger and attack. They pull and punch and scratch and drag Bram to the edge of the roof. He fights the ghost hands and begs for them to stop. Bram grips onto the side railing before he goes over but Eileen steps forward, screams a death rattle in his face, wraps her hand around his wrist and pulls him free. Anna then places one finger on his forehead and pushes.

When Chase reaches the locked roof door, he can hear screaming from outside and he realizes it's coming from more than just Chrissy. The screaming stops and as Chase looks out the dirty window, he sees a blurry body below, then the door opens and he sees Chrissy. Chase holds Chrissy as she cries and when she’s done she explains she had angels helping her deal with Bram. As Chase splutters his apologies for being a jerk, Chrissy leans in and kisses him. Hallelujah!

When Chrissy and Chase break free, she explains about Bram’s murder spree and how a few unsolved cases will now get closure. Chrissy spots Eileen again and, though what happened to Eileen will stay a mystery, and though the Hearst Hotel broke her, Eileen now helps the souls stuck there. Chrissy knows she’s not alone, she has The Ghost Gang.


The Ghost Gang are in Chase’s pool house and Chase is reading the comments (you don’t read the comments!) for their latest video at the Winchester Mystery House. Kiki, sitting on Emma’s lap and sharing an ice cream with her girlfriend, laughs at him. Though Emma spent a few weeks in the hospital, she recovered from her attack at the Hearst and she and Kiki have been going strong ever since, as have Chrissy and Chase. By the time Chrissy and Chase got down from the roof, the police and an ambulance had arrived. Bram’s body was covered like a bedsheet ghost in the street, Emma was being looked after and Linda was being arrested. Linda may not have been the murderer but she was stealing from the Hearst residents and had plenty of crimes to keep the LAPD busy. The ghost of Steve watched as his mother was being taken away in handcuffs. The YouTube channel exploded after Hearst and, while they did a whirlwind of interviews in the weeks after, they reached the magical one million subs with no signs of stopping. Checking his phone notifications, Chase jumps up, dashes off and soon comes rushing back with a big box. Finally he has the one thing he's been waiting for: the million subs play button plaque in his hands. As they cheer and take pictures, Bram watches on.

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