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Heartstopper Volume 3 or Twilight Again?

In our episode this week, Claire and I were joined by Superfan Drew to talk about Heartstopper Volume 3 by Alice Oseman, but we accidentally talked about Twilight a lot, too. No one who knows any of us are surprised by this! Speaking of... did you watch our Twilight episode? It's available for EVERYONE!

In Heartstopper Volume 3, Nick and Charlie worry about the best time to tell all their friends that they're a couple. They take a school trip to Paris, the city of loooooove, which makes it a little more difficult on account of all the smooching. While they're there, some of their other friends (AND TEACHERS) get into relationships, too! Nick is also supposed to meet up with his dad, but he doesn't show because he's "busy," and Nick notices that Charlie might have an eating disorder. They have fun on the trip of course, but do all the issues get resolved? Read the book, check out our summary or listen to our episode to find out!

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