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Feral Librarians

Claire and I were joined in our episode this week by Superfan Brie. Don't forget that if you ever want to join us, you can hop on over to our Patreon, become and Patron and join us, too! We had a lot of fun discussing the book she recommended to us, Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson.

This book was right up our alley. I mean... it features a badass librarian saving the world with magical books and a sorcerer friend who has a demon companion that can turn into a cat. What more could you need? It's also a stand-alone book, which we don't cover very often on the show. Brie did an excellent job selecting this book for us and taking the episode picture, and supplying a Would You Rather question, and recommending books for our If You Liked This, Try This segment.

Here's a picture from our game of Would You Rather featuring Brie signing our pew-pew WYR sound. She's pretty amazing.

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