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In this week's episode, Claire and I are dressed as Fangbangers hoping to get turned into vampires at Fangtasia as we discuss Dead In the Family, book 10 of the Sookie series by Charlaine Harris.

Sookie has mostly healed from her fairy torture from the end of the last book and now she's got a new roommate, Claude. He's not the only fairy lurking around her house, though. Dermot is, and that's weird enough, but there's another out on her property somewhere, and also a couple of bodies! The Weres and Shifters are having trouble with their coming out and Eric's maker and a vampire sibling are in town, and they're really enjoying themselves. None of this is good, especially for Sookie, who of course has to deal with it all. Hopefully everything will go well... but it never does, does it? Listen to and watch our episode, check out our summary and read the book for all the details!

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