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Excessively British with Intense Americanisms

In our episode this week, Claire and I take a virtual trip to London and talk about poor decisions, solving the Jack the Ripper murders and being excessively British with intense Americanisms in our discussion of Nine Liars by Maureen Johnson.

We love all of the Stevie Bell mystery books but this one was our least favorite of what is out so far, but one has to be the least favorite, that's just how favorites work. Stevie and her friends go to London for a week and explore lots of things way too quickly for Claire's tastes, but just fine for Amanda's. Stevie also gets a chance to solve some murders BUT NO, it's not Jack the Ripper. It's a double-homicide from 1995... and one in present day! Uh oh! That can't be good. You know she's going to solve the cases because she always does, but her trip isn't great. Read the book, listen to our episode and check out our summary to find out why.

Don't forget about our live episode coming up on Friday, July 21 at 5:00 pm CT / 11:00 pm GMT. IT'S GOING TO BE SO GREAT. Tune in on Facebook and YouTube!

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Also, have you figured out our secret that we've got going on right now?

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