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In this episode, we discuss Everless by Sara Holland.

Jules Ember lives in the town of Crofton outside of the Everless estate owned by the wealthy Gerling family. She lived in Everless with her father when she was younger, but when she and the Gerling brothers, Liam and Roan, are playing by a fire and Roan almost gets hurt, Jules and her father have to leave the estate. Now they're struggling to get by. Jules returns to Everless to work and becomes handmaiden to the future Queen, even though her father says this is a bad idea.

This sounds like a simple story until you throw in the fact that time is money and you get it from your blood because a long, long time ago, a sorceress and an alchemist figured out how to live forever. To pay for food, rent, whatever you need to buy, you visit a timelender who draws your blood and turns it into currency, taking days from your life at the same time. And guess what! It seems like the Sorceress and the Alchemist from those old stories are still around and causing trouble. My, oh, my!

Here's our recording photo. I dressed up as Jules in her handmaiden outfit and made an adorable mob cap to complete the outfit following this pattern. If you'll notice, I won't be wearing the same thing in my booktube video this time! Check it out on Friday!

Until next time!


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