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In this episode of the show, we discuss Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. We have a special guest for our game of Would You Rather, too, a listener this time! Her name is Nina and she is a librarian and she's British, so she's our kind of people.

Illuminae is about a planetary invasion, an enemy warship, a mutating plague, a deranged AI, and a teenager that has to save everyone. Why do we keep picking PLAGUE BOOKS?! It's accidental, we swear. The book is epistolary, which means that it's told in documents, like emails, instant messages, letters, government files and other things like that, and the audiobook is done by a full cast. It's really excellent all the way around. It was suggested to us recently by author Jackson Ford and not so recently by listener Nina so we couldn't not do it. It also fits in nicely with our theme of the month, Frontier Times: Read a book set in the Wild West or in Space, the Final Frontier. Now you go read it!

Here's a recording picture featuring our special guest and me in a recording fort. Yeah, that's right. We're discussing a really disgusting part of the book, hence the faces, in which a small child is infected by the plague and is carrying around a teddy bear... no wait, that's a human heart. Eeuuuggghhhhhhh.

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