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Edit That Out, Me!

Oh man... what have we done?

For some reason, we thought it would be a great idea to have a Blooper Episode for April Fools' Day. Big mistake, friends! I've never edited anything so long in my life! So many little pieces stuck together in random ways that barely make sense. But at least it's mostly funny. Or I think so. I've been collecting these pieces for a long time and now they're finally serving a purpose.

We got to talk to one of our biggest fans, Mihail, which was an absolute blast. I will admit, it made me a little sad to talk to him though, because he's a teenager and it made me miss being a teen librarian so, so much. Talking to nerdy teens about books is one of my most favorite things, so thanks Mihail for bringing back those memories for me. It really means a lot to me.

We also talked to Constance, another super fan, who might love the House of Night series even more than I do. She's a baker and has promised to make a worm cake and take a picture of it, so when she does that, I'll make sure everyone sees her masterpiece. Maybe we can drum up some business for her!

In addition to our superfans, we also talked to our Mums, which was adorable, and our husbands, who are also adorable, but we don't have a picture with them.

We also talked to our friend Rhonda from PopDNA podcast and Rhonda With A Book (featured below) and Kat and Bee from Bluestocking Circle podcast. We don't have pictures with them, though, but check them out anyway!

We had a lot of fun recording this episode. We really like talking to fans and friends, so join us sometime, won't you?


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