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Sookie and her friends, the very pregnant Tara, Holly, who's engaged to Hoyt, former beauty queen/ex-con Kennedy and Michele, Jason's girlfriend, are at Hooligans for Ladies' Night. Sure this might be a little weird for Sookie because she's essentially come to see her cousin Claude strip, but for the most part, everyone has a good time. Several of the fae in the club come to greet Sookie as she is part fae herself and they all know her and she can see them for what they truly are, unlike her friends who just think everyone in the club is gorgeous. The night takes a slight turn when JB, Tara's husband, comes waltzing out onto the stage. Well, waltzing isn't the right word. After the weirdness goes away and all the friends comment on how worried JB's been about having enough money for the twins and how good he was at stripping, the ladies watch Claude dance and then go home for the evening. On the way to drop Sookie off, Kennedy complains that her boyfriend, Danny, might be stepping out on her because he's got to be gone three days a week, but everyone shrugs it off.

When Sookie gets home, she checks her email and sees Amelia and Bob are in Paris. Sookie's still a little miffed at Amelia for trying to get her to hook up with Alcide after they broke the blood bond she shared with Eric, but Sookie's trying hard to forgive her witch friend. Sookie hasn't been home long before her fairy great-grandfather Niall comes to the door. This is a surprise! Niall kindly asks Sookie to not put bodies through the gap into Faery that's in the woods behind her house, which she apologizes for, and asks about the fairies he can smell in her house. When she explains that Claude and Dermot kind of live there, he seems to get worried about that, especially about Claude, but then Claude and Dermot get home. Awkward.

Niall is still angry with Dermot for switching sides, but then they talk about the reason for it happening, because Niall put a brain-addling curse on him. Niall says that he did not and would not curse his own son and demands to know who told him that. Claude did, and he said he learned it from Murray, that fairy that Sookie troweled to death several books ago. Hmm. Niall takes Claude with him back to Faery to discover the truth but leaves Dermot because it's not safe for him in Faery if someone there cursed him.

The next day, Eric's day man, Mustapha, comes by to warn Sookie that King Felipe is coming to town to investigate Victor's death and that Pam said this is the time to prove herself. Ominous. He also tells her to stay away from Jannalynn who he learned thinks that Sookie's after Sam. When Sookie goes to Merlotte's later, she sees Jason who tells her he's going to propose to Michele, and then she gets to work. After helping Sam with some money to pay the bills, he gave her a promotion and now she gets to do more important stuff at the bar. In Sam's office, Jannalynn comes in, thinking they're doing something untoward. Seriously, it's taxes.

The rest of the day at Merlotte's and the next day are pretty normal, same old same old. Jason and Michele get engaged, JB talks to Sookie about being a stripper, she talks to him about Tara being pregnant, she pities herself for not being pregnant or being with a man that can make her pregnant. She wonders a little about what's going on at Hooligans and when Claude and Niall are coming back, but then it's time to get ready to go see the King.

Pam calls Sookie and tells her to be at Eric's at 9:00, but then Mustapha calls and says 10:00. When she arrives at nearly 10:00, she sees a new person at the gate who waves her in with no precaution and then she sees Bill who tells her she needs to go home. Nope. Sookie goes into Eric's house and it's... not good. She's greeted by Mustapha and then sees that King Felipe is having a party and pretty much trashing Eric's elegant house and Eric is nowhere to be seen. Sookie greets the king and learns that Eric is in a bedroom, so she and Pam, who had been out buying liquor, go find Eric. He's drinking from a werewolf who Sookie realizes has a death wish and has spiked herself with fairy blood. The girl is quickly dismissed.

After a fight and Sookie thinking that Eric must not like her very much if he's willing to drink from someone else, they go out to talk to Felipe. Felipe questions them about Victor and all the people that Sookie has killed, but he doesn't seem to be too upset about any of the deaths or that Victor is gone. Sookie rationalizes with him about Victor being a money pit and his businesses doing poorly which makes Felipe look bad, but then Bill alerts them to a body in the yard and that police are there.

The body in the yard is the girl Eric was drinking from. Uh oh. The police interview everyone who was there, which includes Eric, Pam, Sookie, Felipe, his second, Horst, another vampire from his entourage, and three humans they invited along without asking Eric, one of whom happens to be a professional wrestler called T-Rex. The girls with T-Rex recall seeing the girl and learning her name, Kym with a Y, but she didn't come with them. They want to talk to Mustapha, but he's nowhere to be found. Uh oh. The detective in charge, Detective Ambroselli, takes everyone to the station for further questioning but doesn't really get anywhere so everyone gets to go back to Eric's. Sookie telepathically overheard the police talking about a small vial they found that had blood in it, which, when she tells Eric, Pam and Bill about it, they realize it was full of fairy blood that Kym with a Y used to entice Eric. Hmm...

The next day, Sookie has several missed calls from Dermot, Mustapha, Tara and Alcide. Dermot's worried, Mustapha doesn't answer and Alcide wants Sookie's help with something and Tara's probably going to have her babies soon. Sookie only really gets to speak with Alcide who is passing along a message from Jannalynn. She wants Sookie to help her propose to Sam by taking him to a cabin in the middle of the woods. Uh. No? She refuses to do that and tells Alcide that Jannalynn would probably rather lure her out there to kill her because she thinks she and Sam have something going on.

When Sookie gets home, she's pleased to see Dermot and surprised to see Mustapha. He's really cagey about where he disappeared to and why he told Sookie the wrong time to go to Eric's, so clearly he's hiding something. Sookie reads his mind a little and picks up that his friend Warren might be in trouble. Sookie suggests Mustapha talk to Alcide for help even though he's not part of the pack but he seems to be afraid of Jannalynn. He asks Sookie to get Alcide to call him when he's alone.

Later, Sookie goes by to see Tara at her shop and then Tara goes into labor. Sookie is really excited but can't go with her friend to the hospital because she has to go to work. At Merlotte's, she tells everyone about Tara's labor and everyone is pretty happy for the rest of the day. Alcide and a friend come in for lunch and Sookie tells Alcide to call Mustapha, so hopefully he will. They talk kind of open-secrety about Eric and what's been going on lately and about Victor disappearing and then Alcide and his buddy leave.

Sookie gets a call from JB about the babies being born and Sookie is very excited. She plans to go see them later on and bring them dinner when they get out of the hospital. She also talks to Sam a little about a break-in at the antique shop where she sold her family furniture and how most of it was destroyed and about her relationship with Eric and his with Jannalynn and they both kinda decide that they're pretty stupid and making bad decisions, but they also decide that they're best friends and can tell each other anything... Aww.

Back home later, Bellenos comes to visit after hunting in Sookie's woods with Dermot's permission. Sookie's a little upset about it, but Bellenos says the fairies are starting to go bonkers without Claude and they need to get out some of their energy and feel the relief they all do whenever they come to Sookie's. She says she'll think about letting more of the fairies hunt on her land. Then Sookie asks about the possibility of one of the other fae providing blood to Kym to rial up Eric, which he says he'll investigate. Bellenos then suggests Sookie get in touch with Niall and Claude if she can because things are about to get bad with the fae. Sookie agrees to write a letter and put it through the tiny portal gap. Whether that will reach Niall or not is uncertain but it's the best Sookie can do. She writes a letter and slips it through the gap to Faery.

As Sookie returns home, she sees she is not alone. Kym's skanky parents are there with an author who wants to write a true crime book about her death. Sookie answers a few questions but then threatens to call the sheriff before walking back inside. Not long after, Bubba comes over, and with him is Freda, the Queen of Oklahoma. The Queen wants to get Sookie's measure and to see why Eric likes her so much. She says she's not really seeing anything that important, even with the fairy blood, then she asks about Sookie killing several vampires and Weres and fairies, then Sookie rescinds her invitation and sends her on her way. She started out nice, but when she couldn't figure her out, things took a turn, so it was probably for the best that Sookie rescinded that invitation.

Sookie's in a foul mood after that, though Eric does call to check on her and tell her that the Queen won't win him away. She doubts that and goes to sleep. The next day at Merlotte's, her foul mood continues especially because Sam took another day off. He went with Jannalynn to the antique shop to help sort it out and when Sookie calls him to grumble about him not being here, they talk about the furniture a little bit. It's clear that someone is looking for the Cluviel Dor, but luckily the antiques dealer found it and gave it to her. The rest of her time at work goes smoothly after Sookie forces herself to get out of her funk.

Afterward, Sookie cooks a meal for Tara and JB and goes to see the babies. They named their daughter Sara Sookie which makes her tear up a little bit. She doesn't stay long and heads home to have dinner. Luckily Dermot is there so she feels a little better, and then Bill drops by. Sookie and Bill talk about Bill's progress with figuring out who let Kym in at Eric's and they decide it must have been Mustapha, but they don't really know why. Maybe another Were put him up to it. They don't think he or Eric or Pam killed Kym, but they still don't know who did. They decide to research Bill's vampire database because they think, for a very annoying reason that makes us cringe, that Mustapha might be related to a now-dead vampire called RaShawn because Mustapha's birth name was KeShawn and all black people are related if they have similar names.

Eric interrupts their research, thank fuck, and is kind of shitty about them working together since they used to be lovers and Sookie is kind of shitty back and after a little more shittiness, they decide that Mustapha might have been forced to let Kym into Eric's because of something that maybe Jannalynn has on him and/or something about his pal Warren. They get the idea that they should call Sam and get him to bring Jannalynn by so they can smell her and see if she was at Eric's house that night, but Sookie doesn't want to get Sam involved which makes Eric mad again. They decide to call Alcide instead to request Jannalynn's smell, but then Sookie decides to go talk to Sam in person instead.

Sookie drives off toward Merlotte's but Bellenos and another fairy, Gift, run across the road chasing a deer and cause Sookie to crash. They pull her car out of the ditch and rescue her, but she's clearly jangled. She accidentally reveals that she can see them in their true forms, you know, with creepy sharp teeth and nightmare eyes, and says they shouldn't let people see them like that, but she didn't realize that they were probably concealing themselves and that she could see through it. When Gift talks about her *magic,* Sookie worries that she's gotten herself into trouble, but then she offers to let the fairies hunt on her land again the next night so they'll be safer. When Sookie gets home, she goes to bed, but both Eric and Bill are worried about her. Before she can shoo them away, they tell her about worries they have for Colton, the other still-living human from the Victor murder, who is apparently missing. Great. Just great.

Sookie goes to work the next day and conveniently finds a jacket of Jannalynn's in Sam's office, so she burgles it. She sees Jason who wants her to make some sweet potato casserole for Michele that night and she tells him to come by later and get it, and then she zones out thinking about Eric leaving her for Queen Oklahoma and possibly using the Cluviel Dor to stop that from happening. But is that a wise use of this very important fairy gift?

When Sookie goes home and starts boiling potatoes, she's interrupted by the antiques dealer guy, Mr. Callaway, who she invites inside. Why on earth would he be coming to her house? Oh... Sookie finds that out real quick. He's there in search of the Cluviel Dor. He doesn't know what it is exactly, but he regrets giving it to her after he found it. He knows that it's super important and super rare and that he'll get a lot of money if he gets it into the right hands. Sookie doesn't pick up whose hands those are, but she knows something bad's about to come from this visit. As Mr. Callaway is about to attack Sookie with a knife, she douses him with the boiling potato water, then another guest suddenly arrives and snaps his neck. This surprise guest? Our favorite demon lawyer/godfather/telepathy-giver, Mr. Cataliades.

Mr. Cataliades tells Sookie that he's been wanting to kill the antiques dealer guy for a while after he found out about the Cluviel Dor. He found it in Sookie's furniture, read the letter left by Adele, did some googling and talked to some other fae who he may or may not have known are fae and realized that he essentially gave away a rare and expensive item. This is especially obvious after his shop was broken into and all of Sookie's furniture was destroyed, so here he is now, slightly boiled and neck-snapped on Sookie's floor. Diantha comes in a little later and helps dispose of the body by transforming herself into Mr. Callaway and driving the corpse to the airport. Sookie asks Mr. Cataliades about the person or persons interested in getting the Cluviel Dor from Mr. Callaway, but he conveniently doesn't answer that question because it will be hurtful to Sookie and leaves.

Jason comes by to pick up his potatoes and then Dermot comes home. Jason cool-guy comments on how good looking Dermot is, you know, because they look exactly alike, and then takes his potatoes and leaves. Dermot and Sookie eat dinner and then Dermot goes on a date. While he's gone, Sookie takes Jannalynn's burgled jacket to Bill. Bill meets her halfway with some clothing of his own. He's got a plan to rescue Colton, who is discovered to have been kidnapped by some goons of Felipe's. He smells Jannalynn's jacket but can't really tell if she was involved in Kym's death. Great.

The clothes that Bill has turn out to be a very classy outfit worn by female employees of a nearby casino. Another vampire, Palomino, who looks kind of-ish like Sookie, has started working there and discovered Colton, so they're going to perform a switcheroo and help him escape. The switcheroo works just fine, but when they leave the casino, Sookie is stopped by some werewolves she recognizes from a pack meeting at Alcide's. Bill and Palomino take Colton away while Sookie agrees to go with the wolves who say that they might have found Warren's body and Alcide wanted her to check to make sure.

This is not at all true, though, and soon enough Sookie finds out that these wolves are rogues working for *someone* and are trying to overthrow Alcide who wouldn't let them join his pack because they're sleazebags. Sookie doesn't find out who they're working for immediately because Mustapha shows up and rescues Sookie. Both Bill and Palomino called Alcide to tell him that Sookie just left with some wolves on his orders, which, again, was not at all true. Mustapha takes Sookie to Alcide's where we find out who the rogues are working for...

Jannalynn! No one is surprised. Alcide started looking into her after Sookie refused to help with the Sam proposal and he found out that Jannalynn wants to get him out of the way so she can be pack leader and let all the sleazy wolves, who Alcide now has locked up in an old hidden shed, join the pack. They decide that Jannalynn probably has Warren locked up in an old hidden shed, too, and that she used Mustapha to get Kym into Eric's. So why is this Jannalynn's plan? What's the point of getting Eric to drink from a skank? Mustapha says it's not Jannalynn's plan. It's Claude's. Wait. What?

Before we find out, Alcide, Mustapha and Sookie go out in hopes of finding Warren. They drive around outside of Shreveport looking for Jannalynn's old hidden shed. Okay, so it's an old hidden attic, but close enough. They find and rescue Warren, but he's nearly dead, so they call Bill who is nearby and get him to meet up at Alcide's to help heal Warren. When that's taken care of, they talk about calling the police on Jannalynn, but Alcide wants to punish her pack-style, which is fine.

Bill and Sookie leave Alcide's and head back to Bon Temps. Along the way, Sookie wonders aloud why Claude would be behind this weird skank-drinking attack. Does he want to hurt Eric in some way? There are plenty of other ways he could have done that that would have been less convoluted. Bill asks if there's any reason why Claude would want to cause trouble for Sookie but still stay in her good graces. Why yes, yes there is. Claude knows about the Cluviel Dor, but she doesn't say that out loud. Instead they talk about Niall and Claude still being in Faery and how Claude was probably the one to put the curse on Dermot and the other fae getting restless and King Felipe and his goons and Queen Freyda making Eric restless. The Eric and Freyda chat goes even further and Bill suggests that Eric is letting Freyda hang around so he can get more out of her when they eventually get together. Oof.

The next day is Sookie's birthday and she has plans, but before she can leave her house, Detective Ambroselli shows up. She and another officer are there to go through the night at Eric's once more and to throw in weird questions about T-Rex to trip her up. Nothing comes of this, so the detective and officer leave. Sookie then stops by Tara's to get her dinner dishes and to yearn for babies. She and Tara talk about Hooligans for a minute because JB, dumb as he is, can tell something's weird about it. Nothing comes of this really either, so Sookie leaves to go about her business.

Her business is that she's making herself a will. She stops by a new law office and gets everything settled. As she's wondering what to do with the rest of her day, Quinn calls to tell her happy birthday and that he too is about to have a baby, but his tiger girlfriend will take their tiger cub into hiding as is Tiger tradition. He wants Sookie to call him sometime because it seems that his tiger girlfriend just used him to have a tiger baby, so Sookie says she might call him sometime.

Next, Sookie gets a call from Sam who's pretty upset about missing deliveries from Merlotte's. Since Sookie's responsibilities are basically like she's part owner now, she's got to come deal with it. Surprise! It's a birthday party instead. Several bar patrons and friends are there and she gets some good gifts, including one of her grandmother's old bracelets that Jason found inside the table he got from Sookie's attic. Sam gives her something as well, an envelope, but she doesn't open it right away.

When Sookie gets home from spending her day with friends and acquaintances, she's happy to see Eric, Pam and Bill waiting for her outside her house. Pam and Bill have gifts that she adds to the others without opening and then she talks to Eric. It's not a good talk. It ends with Eric telling Sookie that Appius Livius's last request was for him to marry Queen Freyda and he can't do anything about it, but she can, because she loves him. She doesn't understand what she could possibly do and begs him to tell her, but he flies away, saddened. Sookie stews, trying to figure out how she could possibly help… kill Freyda? Run away together? and then it clicks. Eric knows she has the Cluviel Dor and knows what it takes to make it work. Love. But how on earth does he know about it?

Sookie spends the rest of the night sitting in the living room thinking about using the Cluviel Dor for Eric, but shouldn't he be able to solve this problem on his own if he wanted to? The next day, Sookie looks through the newspaper and sees bad news about the Fairies and their hunting habits, and then Claude comes home from Faery, without Niall. He acts very strangely, or does Sookie just think that because she knows he knows about the Cluviel Dor? Nope, he's being weird. He tells Sookie that he thinks she's disgusted by him because she won't sleep with him, but hello, he's gay and her cousin, but fairies don't think that way. She remembers that she left the Cluviel Dor sitting out on her coffee table last night while she was brooding over Eric, so she nonchalantly grabs it just in time.

Dermot comes downstairs, Sookie realizing that he came in overnight while she was asleep, and she tries to alert him that Claude is back and she's worried. Dermot picks up on Sookie's vibes and talks innocently to Claude about being in Faery and finding out who cursed him. Claude treats Dermot like he's an idiot and says he's been purposefully ignorant about what he and the other fairies have been up to at Hooligans, but then Sookie tells him to stop being an asshole, Dermot punches him in the face, and they get into a huge fight.

The fairies from Hooligans burst in the door then and join the fray. Sookie yells at them to help Dermot and they do and manage to get Claude subdued and pinned to the floor. Bellenos and Gift tell Sookie and Dermot that Claude has been trying to get them all to overthrow Niall. Sookie then asks about the truth behind why Claude and Dermot came to stay with her. Dermot explains that they came because of her fairy blood, but then Claude realized she had an item of fairy influence and he was trying to find it, and that he destroyed her furniture at the antique store when he couldn't find it in the house. Sookie tells them all that the item belonged to Mr. Cataliades and he came by to pick it up just a couple of days ago, so she doesn't even have it anymore. Luckily they all believe her.

Sookie then asks about Claude's plot with Jannalynn and Kym and Eric and him giving his blood to Kym. The idea behind this was to either get Sookie so upset that she killed Eric or so sad that they broke up, or cause Eric to kill Kym and get arrested. Whatever the outcome, Sookie would be so distraught that Niall would come to her aid. And magically, he appears. Niall whisks Sookie away to her bedroom and tells her he knows she's got the Cluviel Dor but he won't take it from her even though he desperately wants to. Then he tells her that he was the one who told Eric about it because he wanted her to see what Eric would do to her if he knew she wielded so much power. Niall takes Sookie back to the others after that and then he declares that he's going to take them all back to Faery, every single one, even the rest around the rest of the country, and he does. Luckily Sookie gets to hug her great-grandfather and great uncle one last time before they disappear. Sookie is left feeling odd and alone.

Later, though still pretty early in the day, Sookie's feeling bummed, obviously, so she decides to open her birthday presents to make herself feel better. Pam gave her some perfume, Bill gave her a cameo pendant of her grandmother and Sam gave her one-third ownership of Merlotte's. Whoa!! She decides to stop by Sam's and thank him in person for the bar. When she gets there, though, Sam is also pretty bummed. Clearly, he knows about Jannalynn's plot to overthrow Alcide and her involvement with Claude's plan, but he asks Sookie to explain everything to him, so she does.

Later, after a nap and movies and TV and anything to get her mind off everything, Sookie gets a phone call from Alcide. The pack has found Jannalynn and Sookie's (and Sam's and Eric's) presence has been requested at their pack meeting to determine what to do with Jannalynn and the rogue wolves. Sam comes by to pick Sookie up and they make the drive to Alcide's old hidden shed where the pack has assembled.

They go over what happened with Jannalynn's takeover plot and how the rogues helped her and her involvement with Claude's Eric-plan and her Warren-kidnapping and her Sookie-kidnapping-attempt. Jannalynn has written a letter to the police describing her murder of Kym and then Alcide makes her call and confess over the phone as well, so now Eric's name is clear. They decide to leave the rogue werewolves as rogues and let them go with no real punishment, then naked Mustapha gets to fight Jannalynn with a sword.

The sword fight doesn't last too long. Jannalynn is a great fighter, and Mustapha's okay too, but Sookie realizes partway through that Jannalynn has been positioning herself to sneak attack and kill Alcide, which she tries to do just as Sookie shouts that she's about to do it. Alcide steps out of the way just in time, but unfortunately, Jannalynn's sword swipe continues its progression... right into Sam. Mustapha quickly beheads Jannalynn while Sookie screams and runs to Sam's side. As she's about to ask Eric to use his blood to heal him, Sam's heart stops beating and he dies. Sookie continues screaming and then, she knows exactly what to do. She pulls the Cluviel Dor out of her pocket, puts it on Sam's chest and wishes him back to life.

The Cluviel Dor glows and opens and magic pours out of it and into Sam. Sookie watches as his wound knits back together and he revives. She helps him up and back to his truck since he's obviously confused, you know, because he was just dead, but Sookie doesn't give a shit about anything else that's going on around them and just wants to get home. As they drive back to Sookie's house, Sam asks what happened to Eric. Sookie explains a little about the Cluviel Dor but not too much about it just yet, except that it held a wish that could only be used once, and she used it on Sam instead of Eric and now Eric's probably going to go be with the Queen of Oklahoma. When they get home, Sookie convinces Sam to stay the night and she tucks him safely into bed.

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