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Dazzling and Sparkling Under a Midnight Sun

In this episode of the show, we talk about Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, audiobook narrated by Jake Abel.


We can't help but.

In my own opinion of Twilight (which everyone should know by now I love too much even though it's not the highest quality piece of literature and I am not ashamed of it) Midnight Sun is the best. Third time's the charm I believe for the first story line. I did love Life and Death as well, for details, see this old blog post, but this one is my new fave. I kind of hope she stops though. I don't need to know this story anymore. Give me something new: Alice and Jasper or Rosalie and Emmett or Carlisle and Esme or, heaven forbid, Jacob and Renesmee. Something old: any of those things minus Jacob and Renesmee, the Volturi, Jasper during the war, Emmett bumbling around adorably. Or, better yet GIVE ME MORE OF THE HOST! But that's not what we're here for today.

Stephenie Meyer has been kicking Midnight Sun around for some time and has finally released it to the world. In it, we see the story of Twilight through Edward's eyes. Most of it is the same as Twilight. (I wonder what the actual percentage of content from Twilight is... can anyone tell me this?) The additional content, however, is well written and interesting. We find out what Edward got up to whilst Bella was not with him, like where he went when he abruptly left school in the very beginning and exactly why he left, what he does while Bella is sleeping for those brief times he's not watching her, and what happens after the baseball game when the two are on separate paths. We also learn more about the Cullen family. There's more details of Jasper's abilities: he's more badass than anyone could have originally thought. There's more about Emmett: he's a great big brother and helps Edward a great deal when he's struggling with his desires to eat Bella or leave his family to avoid eating Bella. There's also a bit more about Charlie and Renée and potentially where Bella's unreadable mind comes from.

See? Interesting! Don't believe me? Just go read it. But listen to it instead. Because of Jake Abel. You probably know him from Supernatural or one of the many book-to-movie films he's been in, like the Percy Jackson movies or The Host or I Am Number Four or The Lovely Bones. He's great. His voice makes a fantastic Edward Cullen, and I'm not just saying that because I love Edward Cullen or audiobooks.

Here's a recording picture in which we put on sparkly makeup. The video of this is the exact moment where we decide to use our video of putting on makeup for the blog post recording picture and where we say that we're using the actual bit where we're putting on makeup, not something from after the fact where we have the makeup on. Yes, we're that ridiculous.

With all the love in my stone cold vampire heart,

(as I signed off the last Twilight-related post)


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