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Creepy Rats, Scuttling Hands and Season FOUR

(Coraline the book, not the movie, though it's good, too.)

Coraline is one of the bravest characters we've covered so far on Fictional Hangover and, you know, this is episode 158, so that's a lot of characters. She loses her parents, encounters creepy button-eyed versions of them, fights monsters and people made of rats and goo, gets stalked by a HAND and she makes it out stronger in the end. She's the best.

We on the other hand (snort) were not so well behaved in this episode. I thoroughly hope you enjoy how much I'm laughing at the beginning and in the extra bit at the end. So glad I didn't turn off the recording!!

Here's a picture, like always.

I'm pretty sure I was a complete gigglebox at this moment and Claire was judging the hell out of me. Have a listen for yourself and see if that's true. And don't forget that you can read our summary if you need to.

Until next time,


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